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Written by Kevin Young - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 17 October 2007
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Apevia X-Jupiter Jr G Mid Tower ATX Case
Closer Look: Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: X-Jupiter Exterior

Apevia is a well known name with the enthusiast community, formerly under the name Aspire. While they are not well known for their high end cases, they have always built well constructed mid-range cases with attention to detail. From the glossy exterior finish to the tool free drive bays, the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G was built with ease of use in mind.


The Apevia X-Jupiter JR G packaging is a rather appealing box complete with all the pertinent specs clearly printed on the outside.


Once pulled from the box, we can see that the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G has been packed well with your typical Styrofoam end caps to prevent damage when shipping.


Once the Styrofoam and outside plastic bag were removed, we found the front and side encased in sticky plastic sheets to further prevent any type of scratches from occurring during the unpacking process, which is not something you see on every case. Personally I found this extra bit of packing a comfort, knowing that the case would be free of scratches to the finish and window.


The front of the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G feature dual LCD temperature monitors to read case temperature, and cpu temperature, or whatever else you decide to monitor. It all depends where you place the thermal sensors. It also has a fan controller knob on the front to help balance noise and cooling, giving the user full control of both. The front also features a bezel door giving easy access to your CD/DVD drives. One of the biggest complaints about cases is a flimsy front door, which the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G does not have. The door has a sturdy and well built feel to it, giving the user the confidence that it will not break off with the first opening or haphazard bump.

As you can see from the photo, the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G has a very high gloss, black finish to it.


The see-through side window with led 120mm fan gives the appearance of a typical gaming case with a stylish yet somewhat understated fan grill. There's nothing worse than a case with a cheesy skull or radioactive symbol grill on the side, and the fan grill on the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G leaves you with a humble yet classy look.


The top of the Apevia X-Jupiter JR G features two USB ports, one 1394 Firewire port, audio out, and audio in. If I have but one complaint about this case, it's the placement of these ports. They are on the right side of the top of the case and placed half-way to the back, making access somewhat awkward if the case is placed under a desk or in any other place that has no easy access.


The rear of the case is very typical of any one of a thousand different cases with no distinguishing characteristics. You'll see the 120mm exhaust fan, giving this case ample exhaust capabilities. You'll also notice the tool free PCI slot design, something I'm not fond of, but you're seeing more and more of in cases today (we'll touch a bit more on this when we discuss the interior). The side of the case comes off with ease by the use of two thumb screws.


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