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Written by Greg Schepers   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013
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Genius Gila GX Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: Genius Gila Gaming Mouse
Genius Gila Gaming Mouse Detailed Features
Genius Gaming Mouse Software
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Genius Gila GX Gaming Mouse Review

Manufacturer: Genius, KYE Systems Corporation
Product Name: Gila GX Gaming Mouse
Model Number: 31010162101
UPC: 9116324185
Price As Tested: $99.99 (NewEgg / Amazon)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Genius.

It is a very difficult task for designers to develop a gaming mouse that will rise above the competition. The gaming mouse market is saturated, after all. We have established developers that have been building gaming mice for years, such as Logitech, Razor, SteelSeries, and MadCatz, and, we have developers that were later entries into the market, but have been able to make some headway. Now we have Genius, and even though it has been around for years developing PC peripherals, its decision to enter the gaming peripheral market under the GX Gaming brand didn't come to fruition until 2011. Since then, Genius has made a number of solid entries into the marketplace, and it hopes its latest entry, the Genius Gila gaming mouse, can be the one that earns it the proverbial "seat at the table."

Genius Gila Gaming Mouse

As you can see by the features and specifications listed below, the Genius Gila gaming mouse has a full complement of attributes. What we are all curious to find out is how beneficial these attributes are over the course of several days of both gaming and normal task use. I encourage you to keep reading in order to find out.

Features & Specifications

  • Professional 12-button MMO/RTS gaming mouse
  • Over-clocking SGCii: 200 dpi to 8200 dpi
  • Scorpion gaming user interface
  • Up to 72 keys for user defined macros
  • 16 million RGB backlight system in 3 areas
  • Adjustable metal weights 4.5g x 6 with storage case included
  • 32K onboard memory to prevent game block
  • 1.8 meter braided cable with gold-plated USB connector
  • Rubber finish grip for complete control and handling
  • Ambidextrous design



# mesantosh 2013-02-12 00:21
what is the price of the mouse
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# RE: meGreg Schepers 2013-02-15 08:19
At the time of the review, the Gila was $99.99 at both Newegg and Amazon. as of 2/15/2013, you can get it for $89.99 at Newegg.
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# RE: meMichael 2013-03-15 00:18
You can get it for $79.99 from NCIX...!
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# RE: Genius Gila GX Gaming Mousekzinti1 2013-03-15 01:31
Amazon has these mice for $67.44.
That seems reasonable if it performs as stated.
A reviewer at Newegg complained about "buggy software."
I'd buy it from Amazon since they have a very liberal return policy, which is why I buy most such items from them.
The only reason I'd buy elsewhere is because they may not happen to carry what I want at the moment.
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