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Written by Dan McNamara   
Wednesday, 13 March 2013
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Ineo AlienVibes W601 Speaker System
Closer Look: Alienvibes W601
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Alienvibes W601

When you lift the Alienvibes W601 Subwoofer Speaker System box the weight is impressive. The first thing that you notice when you open the box is the size of the woofer. It is big and beefy. The two 5.25" subwoofer speakers seem to stare out at you just daring you to plug it in and crank it up.


The central control panel, amplifier and docking ports of the system are located here on the front. As you can see, the power and source controls for the unit have a nicely sized LED for levels, and the interface panel is placed on the left front side. This is where you can dock your SD/MMC cards, and USB Drives. I like that everything that you would really want to get at is right out front. This being the bass module you can technically place it where you want, but the good very good looks entice you to leave it out, front and centre. The remote control is a nice feature too. It is an IR remote, so line of sight is necessary, but it also allows you to put some distance between yourself and the unit, or jump in a comfy chair and just sit right back and let it roar.


On the back side of the case you can see the two holes that allow the bass to come blasting out the back. This is also where you will find your interface for RCA inputs and speaker connections and the Aux In. The flexibility for the sound input is a really nice feature. Although the Alienvibes W601s come with a 3.5 mm to RCA plug, you are much more liable to have a double 3.5 mm cord hanging around. So here you can hook up your MP3 players, cell phone or computer. The cooling fins remind you that there is a 160W (Peak) amplifier on board and are there to provide some serious cooling for the amplifier. Another nice feature is a positive on/off switch that allows you to make sure that the power is cut. I certainly have enough parasitic devices in my house already so it is nice to be able to ensure it is shut down.


Finally you have the two satellite speakers that look like artwork themselves. At roughly 4" x 4'' x 10" they are a good size and there is a good heft to them as well. In keeping with the exposed design the two three and one inch speakers are right out in front as well, encased in a very nice looking polished black plastic case.


The included speaker wires were about five feet long, so, if you have the space you can get a little over 10 feet separation.


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