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Written by Dan McNamara   
Wednesday, 30 January 2013
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DeepCool N9 Aluminum Notebook Cooler
Closer Look: DeepCool N9 Cooling Pad
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: DeepCool N9 Cooling Pad

The clean lines and large cooling area are the first thing to strike you when coming across the DeepCool N9 Notebook Cooling Pad. DeepCool has done a great job of creating a nice, clean looking cooling pad. With this look it would work well in almost any office environment. At 3.74 lbs it is a bit hefty for lugging around when travelling, however it feels very sturdy and will probably last a long time.

DeepCool_ N9_ Notebook_ Cooler_Front_shot.jpg

Below you can see the 5 positions that the stainless steel support can be set at, which of course provides 6 in total if you count the stowed position. This feature is very nice as you move from table top to coffee table, to chair and then into bed. In each situation you can find an angle that provides just the right angle for your hands. It is worth noting that the support stand locks away in the closed position, so it does not dangle.

DeepCool_ N9_ Notebook_ Cooler_with_laptops.jpg

On the DeepCool N9 Cooling Pad the user interface is on the back of the cooling pad. The power input is a mini-USB, so, using the included mini-USB cable, you can power it from your laptop, or a common wall charger. The three USB ports in that location can be accessed with equal ease from either side. And the fan speed adjustment is easy to manipulate without having to search. Also in this image you can better view the 5 angle stops for the platform

DeepCool_ N9_ Notebook_ Cooler_back_edge.jpg

The DeepCool N9 Notebook Cooling Pad is equipped with two rubber, which luckily are shown on the box, because it took a few tries to figure out exactly where they were supposed to go. Of course, due to the aluminum surface being so slick it is necessary to have a positive means to prevent the laptop from sliding off when it is incline. The rubber pads are large enough to support any laptop, but flexible enough to not be a nuisance when you type.

DeepCool_ N9_ Notebook_ Cooler_front_w_holding_pads.jpg


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