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Written by Tom Jaskulka   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013
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Rosewill Armor EVO E-ATX Computer Case
Closer Look: Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Interior

The interior of the Armor-EVO is pretty standard as well for an ATX enclosure - with the exception of another row of grommets to accomodate the larger E-ATX sized motherboards. While the E-ATX dimension might be relatively rare (and therefore useless for most builders?), longer GPUs definitely benefit from the increased space.


I'm glad to see this enclosure reduces the amount of 5.25" bays compared to the Thor v2. An enclosure this size doesn't need to save space here, but allowing for more 3.5" devices is an acceptable tradeoff, in my opinion.


Here again we see the rear 120mm cooling fan, along with the PSU foam grommet and rubber standoffs.


I was excited to see a nice, large, grommeted hole for the CPU 12v line up in the top left corner of the case. Routing this cable is a chore in most chassis, and some make it impossible. I appreciated the increased size here, but as I found out later this hole isn't as big as it looks.


In the pictures above and below, we see the raised portion of the top panel allows for a little more room for watercooling clearance. Some cases have offset this portion, attempting to eliminate clearance issues in that manner. Again, I would have liked to illustrate this by mounting a 240mm radiator, but even stacking two fans results in enough clearance. You still may run into issues depending on your motherboard, but the extra space is appreciated regardless.


The depth of the motherboard tray is sufficient for stashing cables (even the 24-pin ATX cable), and there are a decent number of tie-down points as well. If you look towards the top of the frame, you can see what I referred to earlier regarding the 12V AUX line. The top frame blocks half of the hole, effectively reducing its size for anything but flexible wires in half. Fan cables and wires themselves are no problem for this hole, but you may run into issues routing the plastic connectors to an 8-pin CPU connector. Otherwise, this looks like a nice, roomy case to build in. Let's see what that looks like.



# Good QualityRealNeil 2013-03-07 08:49
I have a few Rosewill PSUs and a Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra case too.
My Blackhawk Ultra case has all of these features and more room inside. It's proven to be my best PC Case ever, so far. Good airflow, quiet fans, and it looks good too.
I would buy another Rosewill case at this point. It's good quality for the low price.
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# RE: Good QualityTom Jaskulka 2013-03-18 19:44
Absolutely - Rosewill has already convinced me with their "bang-for-the-buck" enclosures, and I too have a couple of their power supplies (which I've also been very impressed with). I've noticed the price for the Armor-EVO has hovered around $79-$89 since this review was written, and at that price point there's a lot to be said for the value here as well. I almost switched from using my Thor V2 to this one...almost :) Thank you for reading!
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