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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 06 February 2013
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MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Solid State Drive
Closer Look: MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Series
Features and Specifications
SSD Testing Methodology
AS-SSD Benchmark
ATTO Disk Benchmark
CrystalDiskMark 3.0 Tests
Iometer IOPS Performance
EVEREST Disk Benchmark
PCMark Vantage HDD Tests
MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Conclusion

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Features and Specifications


MyDigitalSSD proudly introduces the BP4 Slim 7 Series, the 4th generation of their critically acclaimed and award-winning Bullet Proof line of solid state drives. BP4 Slim 7 drives are easy to install SATA III (6G) replacement upgrades designed to eliminate the bottle-neck found in stock hard drives to increase user productivity up to 70X.

Unlike their predecessors, BP4 drives have been over provisioned for improved Random Read/Write performance and IOPS, extended performance endurance to reduce sluggishness as the drive fills with data, prolonged drive life, reliability, and low power consumption - all at the unequaled price to performance ratio synonymous with MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof SSDs.

Backwards compatible with SATA II applications; BP4 Slim 7 drives feature a 9.5mm drive screw hole alignment to upgrade virtually any notebook with a 2.5" SATA port or SATA desktop workstation using a standard mounting adapter bracket, PC or Mac.


  • Unequaled price to performance ratio
  • 19nm Toggle NAND Flash
  • Large storage capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Improve boot up and application load times
  • High-speed SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III) interface
  • Backward compatible to SATA 3Gb/s (SATA II)
  • Withstand extreme shock and vibration
  • Support DDR3 I/O interface
  • Power management supported
  • NCQ command set
  • TRIM support
  • RAID support
  • SMART support
  • Three year replacement warranty

About the Controller

MyDigitalSSD BP4 SSDs feature the Phison S-Module III S8 controller to deliver all the advantages of Flash Disk technology with the Serial ATA III interface, fully compliant with standard mSATA form factor. The S-Module III S8 is based on the mSATA form factor which is generated by JEDEC, designed to operate at a maximum operating frequency of 300MHz with 40MHz external crystal.

The S8 can reach 500MB/s throughput based on ONFI/Toggle NAND (with DDR3 cache enabled and measured by CrystalDiskMark) with markedly lower power consumption than that of a traditional Hard Drive.

Note: Solid State Drives DO NOT require defragmentation. It may decrease the lifespan of the drive.

MDS7-BP4-240 Specifications

MPN MDS7-BP4-240
Capacity 240 GB
NAND Flash 19nm Toggle MLC
Form Factor 2.5"
Interface SATA III (Serial ATA)
Controller Phison S8
Sequential Read 560MB/s
Sequential Write 530MB/s
4K Aligned Read 46,000 IOPS
4K Aligned Write 79,000 IOPS
Access Time 0.1 ms
Dimensions 99.8 x 69.63 x 9.3mm
Operation Temperature 0 to 70°C
Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C
Humidity RH = 95% under 55°C
Weight < 6g
RAID Support Yes
TRIM Support Yes
SMART Support Yes
NCQ Up to 32 commands
Operating Voltage 5V ± 5%
Maximum Ripple 100mV, 0~30MHz
Idle < 0.5W
Active < 0.9W
MTBF >2,000,000 hours
OS Support Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / WinCE
Mac OS X
Linux series: Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris, etc.
Note Specifications are subject to vary based on use.

Package Contents

  • 240GB MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Series 2.5 Inch SATA III/6G SSD


  • 3 Year Warranty

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# RE: MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Solid State DriveJeff 2013-03-17 23:00
Performance isn't the best, but more than fine considering the price. I'd buy one just because it isn't a ubiquitous Sandforce. Thanks for the review.
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# Mr.Peter Stanich 2013-03-18 19:00
No Samsung in the test???
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# RE: MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Solid State DrivePeter Stanich 2013-03-18 19:04
Comparison? I remember past evaulations that oncluded Samsung drives that Outperformed Intel and gave the Vertex a run for the money
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# RE: RE: MyDigitalSSD BP4 Slim 7 Solid State DriveOlin Coles 2013-03-18 19:23
Samsung doesn't offer us samples for review, or they would be included. Regardless, all of the most popular SSD controllers are represented in our tests. Which Samsung SSD were you expecting to see?
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