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Hiper HPU-5K880 and HPU-5B680 Type R Mk II PSU's E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
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Hiper HPU-5K880 and HPU-5B680 Type R Mk II PSU's
Features and Specifications
Type R Mk-II HPU-5B680 Exterior
Type R Mk-II HPU-5K880 Exterior
Type R Mk-II Cables and Wiring
Testing Voltage Ripple and Regulation
HPU-5B680 Test Results
HPU-5K880 Test Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Type R Mk-II Cables and Wiring

By remaining non-modular with the cables and wiring, you might begin to think that the HPU-5K880 880W & HPU-5B680 680W Type R Mk-II native cable groups and wires could become a bit overwhelming once the unit is installed into the computer chassis. This is actually quite the opposite, thanks to the limited number of connections which make way for Hiper's Extender cable end kits.

HPU-5B680 Configuration

The images below give excellent examples of the many cables and connections available from the Type M series, and it also depicts how many cables you might have to find a home for.


Each cable group within the Hiper HPU-5K880 880W and HPU-5B680 680W power supplies are fully sleeved and sealed, providing excellent durability for the wires. This design should provide years of worry-free service, and may also reduce mechanical breakdown.

HPU-5K880 Configuration

On the upside of things, every cable group is fully sleeved with nylon weave. This in becoming a standard across the industry, with only a few holdouts. Thankfully, Hiper has been at the forefront of progressive change, and so sleeves are nothing new. One of my favorite features is the "EZ-Grip" tabs on the Molex connections. I have no idea why more manufacturers aren't using them, because they should be standard equipment on every connector end.


For the serious power supply enthusiast, we have included this handy reference chart above for pin-out wiring. Some of you might think that this chart is a waste, but you would be surprised by how many hardware enthusiasts modify their power supply wiring or create custom connections.


In addition to the convenient EZ-Grip feature, other nice extra that I seem to only find in Hiper power supply units is the use of a pass-though Molex connector. Conversely, Hiper could have copied the ePower Technology EP-1200P10 and use an 8-pin design with a detachable side reverting it to the (soon to be legacy) six pin connector. It would have removed one cable from the group, and made the wires more manageable.



# Voltage Monitoring via SoftwareRobertC 2010-05-18 22:26
Great work adding the electrical measurements to your PS reviews. I am curious about your opinions on and experiences with software power monitoring tools that are installed and run on a PC. Intel has in its Desktop Utilities tool a Hardware Monitor section which among other things, displays voltage readings of the +12, +5, and +3.3 DC rails, as well as the MCH and Processor voltages (labeled Vcc.) The seemingly real time digital display has a resolution of three decimal places (1/1000 volt.) Alarms can be set to warn of over or under voltage situations. In general, how do these programs work and how accurate can they be? Are any of them worthy of an enthusiasts attention? Thank you.
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# RE: Voltage Monitoring via SoftwareOlin Coles 2010-05-19 06:45
While the accuracty may not be to electrical engineer level, I would contend that some form of monitoring is better than none at all. So long as the software doesn't cause any problems, I'd say it's worth installing.
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