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Written by Ami Young   
Monday, 11 February 2013
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A4TECH V3 Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: V3 Bloody Gun3
V3 Bloody Gun3 Performance
V3 Bloody Gun3 Conclusion

Closer Look: V3 Bloody Gun3

The V3 Bloody Gun3 is a gaming mouse geared towards first-person shooter gamers and their demands. V3 Bloody measures 5" long by 3" wide and approx. 2" tall, weighing in at 155 grams. V3 Bloody has a 5.9 foot cord, and a rebber-like finish to minimize fingerprints. It has two LED lights, one pulsating one in the handprint at the bottom, and one on the mouse wheel that changes color based on which core you are using.


The Bloody Core 3 features a Holeless Engine, which allows the mouse to increase to 54 times higher image contrast than a standard mouse, and keeps dust and liquid out. This also allows the mouse lens to be easily cleaned with a Q-Tip.


The V3 Bloody Gun3 buttons are located in a convenient place for people of multiple hand sizes, and don't require a large amount of readjusting if you have small hands. The No-Lag technology that allows the response time to come close to 0 ms is definitely an added bonus.


The mouse comes packaged with accessories to extend the life of your mouse. Extra feet (a huge bonus!), a cleaning cloth, stickers, software, and a quick-start guide are all handy to have.


A4Tech sends you everything you could need for this mouse for a while to come. With that, and all the features, this was a cool package to open up.



# RE: A4TECH V3 Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mousejeremy2013 2013-02-18 00:21
Wow! this gaming mouse is awesome. I'm a game lover and i really want to buy a top gaming mouse. Thanks for the info! I'll be checking out this soon.
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# Suitable for Claw grip?Ishtiaque Haidar 2013-03-21 11:34
Is it suitable for users who have claw grip? Please explain. Thanks
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# RE: Suitable for Claw grip?Richard Smith 2013-03-27 01:09
Yes, by looking at unboxings, it looks like claw grip is the best way to use this mouse. Typical as claw is very common in fps's.
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# ;(palace 2014-01-23 13:51
Stupid marketing make me pay 20$ for mouse and another 20$ to fully use it. I would be really thankful if someone could crack it.
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