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Written by Dan McNamara   
Thursday, 17 January 2013
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DeepCool M3 Notebook Cooling Pad
Closer Look: DeepCool M3 Cooling Pad
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Cooling Pad Final Thoughts

I like the DeepCool M3 Cooling Pad. It is stylish light and seems quite sturdy. As a mid-level cooling pad it is effective at limiting the heat transfer from the laptop to the bottom of the pad and therefore I could see myself taking it along on trips to let me work on my laptop on a bed or my lap. Also the expanded sound that comes from the speakers would be another reason to tote it along, so I don't require additional speakers too.


DeepCool M3 Cooling Pad Conclusion

The DeepCool M3 Cooling Pad performed well overall. Although it did not provide a huge amount of direct cooling to the laptops, there was a measurable drop. Certainly the materials and design of the cooling pad minimizes the direct transfer of heat from the laptop bottom making it comfortable to position on your lap, should you be required to do so.

The DeepCool M3 Cooling Pad is minimalistic and uncluttered and it is available in five colors. Plug it into your laptop, MP3 or IPOD and music is broadcast at a comfortable level.

The shape of the cooling pad provides a comfortable angle for typing on a surface like a counter or a table and it is large enough to fit on your lap comfortably. The fan is very quiet, and has a variable speed wheel on the side of the cooling pad. I also like that it is very light, but sturdy enough that I would toss it in my luggage for a trip.

I must mention that the USB ports on the test unit did not work, however I do believe that is probably just a problem with this particular unit. Another DeepCool laptop cooling pad that I received worked flawlessly. There also were no mini-USB cable, nor sound cable in the box.

The convenience of using a mini-USB plug to provide power allows the flexibility to use commonly owned cables and chargers to power the cooling pad.

At the time of this article there were no merchants listing product availability for this cooling pad, but lists for $39.99. I would expect it to be lower in the price range of cooling pads, and practical for students to purchase.


+ Quiet Fan
+ 2.1 Speakers
+ Sturdy Construction
+ Lightweight
+ Can be powered by laptop or wall charging unit (not included)
+ Minimizes heat transfer from Laptop


- Minimal Cooling Effect on Laptop
- No USB or Audio Cord Provided
- USB Ports Not Working


  • Performance: 6.0
  • Appearance: 7.0
  • Construction: 7.0
  • Functionality: 7.5
  • Value: 7.5

Final Score: 7.0 out of 10.

COMMENT QUESTION: Have you ever owned a laptop that needed a cooling pad?

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# 17.3"..?!Michael 2013-03-04 15:17
Does DeepCool have any plans on making a version for 17.3" laptops..?!
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# Contributing EditorDan 2013-03-05 15:39
DeepCool has a N9 Aluminum laptop cooler that supports up to 17", I would think that it would hold the 17.3" model too.

See my review at:
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# laptop or notebookswathi 2013-03-29 00:01
These laptop or notebook that have vents on its base
because it prevents these vents from being blocked regardless
of what ever surface the laptop is used on.
desk,lap notebook
uneven/soft surfaces and outdoors.
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# Contributing EditorDan 2013-03-29 10:32
You are correct. Laptop cooling pads provide a surface for laptops to rest on so air will circulate through the laptop when the cooling pad is placed on a soft surface such as a blanket. They also allow your hands a more natural approach because the laptop does not sink into the soft surface either.
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