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Written by Aidan Moore   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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INEO I-NA321U PLUS Docking Station
Closer Look: INEO I-NA321U PLUS
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Closer Look: INEO I-NA321U PLUS

Although there are a large number of hard disk drive docking stations available to the consumer, the combination of USB 3.0 speed and one-touch disk cloning separates the I-NA321U PLUS from the majority of its competition. the USB 3.0 interface should provide plenty of bandwidth to speed up data transfer between the docking station and PC, however, as more and more solid-state drives are shipping with 6 Gbps interfaces, the I-NA321U PLUS older SATA 2 interface will impact the maximum data rate available.


The I-NA321U PLUS is a nice looking, rounded edge box that is finished in a metallic silver, and provides a solid base for insertion of up to two hard drives. An external power supply is included, providing the necessary 12 V DC input to spin up the older mechanical hard disk drives. it is also nice to see a 6 foot long USB 3.0 cable which is sufficiently long to connect to the back of your PC and conveniently locate the device. A simple fold-out users manual is the only other item in the product box. This manual clearly describes the procedure for installation and use of the built-in cloning function.


On the front of the I-NA321U PLUS are 5 LEDs for power indication as well as the status of the copying process. Four LEDs provide an indication of progress in 25% increments when the disk duplication is in progress. The front of the unit also contains the reset and one-touch duplicate buttons.


The rear of the I-NA321U PLUS contains the USB interface, power supply connection and an on/off button. The on/off button is useful for quickly adding and removing hard drives as well as powering off the unit when not in use.


The top of the I-NA321U PLUS is where the hard drives are inserted by means of 2 slots, which will accommodate either 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch form factor drives. There are also 2 status LEDs to indicate activity for the associated drive. These LEDs also blink synchronously when the disk copying process is ready to begin.



# INEO I-NA321U PLUS Docking Stationkzinti1 2013-04-08 13:34
This is a really nice little device! Other than the 3Gbs. limit, the only other con would be no dust covers for the drive slots. All I can think of is to put it back in the box when not actually in use. Surely there's another option? No matter what you do to stop it, it's quite dusty, inside and out, here at the beach.
COMMENT QUESTION: What would you use the Ineo I-NA321U PLUS for?
Copying a smaller drive to a larger one when I run out of space is the only thing to come to mind ATMO.
I'll have to think about some other uses while I'm waiting for a 6Gbs. version. If there is one.
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