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Written by Tom Jaskulka   
Friday, 08 February 2013
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Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: Razer Ouroboros
Razer Ouroboros Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Razer Ouroboros

As always, the Razer packaging is designed to impress. There is not a box to speak of in the traditional sense, rather a transparent acrylic cube with the Ouroboros suspended on a pedestal within. While I can understand and appreciate the effort put in to displaying such a unique (and arguably expensive) product, there's a tiny part of my brain that wonders how much of the MSRP is in the presentation. I can't argue with the end result - one can't help but feel they've gotten their money's worth before they even use the product.


For such a fancy enclosure, Razer did a remarkable job making it simple to extract the mouse and accessories. Contained within the acrylic pedestal is the wireless dock for the Ouroboros, while underneath the quick start manual and certificate, stickers and product guide rest the rechargeable battery, braided USB cord and extra side grips. The mouse itself is locked in rather tight, but simply press down on the acrylic tab and it should pop right out.


It's certainly a looker. While I don't possess the academic qualifications to launch into a discussion on design, it is pretty apparent the Razer team were pretty serious when they mentioned the Reventon and Batmobile as design influences. While "glowy lights" and aggressive designs aren't for everyone, most people still can't resist turning their head when a Lamborghini rolls by - this mouse has a similar effect. Whether you love it or hate it, the Ouroboros is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. Still, it's almost as if the design team knew this mouse was a pretty extreme design and tried to appeal to the sophisticated crowd as well. The scroll wheel green LED shines through a finish that looks like a silver metal when the LED itself is turned off; the mouse itself is conservative with the green lighting especially relative to some of their other designs. The Razer logo on the palm rest is a muted glossy black on a matte black finish - in fact, there's very little of the "piano black" gloss typical of earlier Razer mice. The textures used on the top surfaces are different than the earlier models as well, forgoing the soft rubber for a harder matte finish. It isn't as grippy as the rubber coating Razer uses, but seems to do the job adequately nonetheless.


The scroll wheel is of the "notched" type - Razer has historically stayed away from the freewheeling scroll wheels, as that function has little use for gaming. The wheel itself feels solid, and the middle click function has great tactile feedback as well. My only complaint is the rows of rubber protrusions on the scroll wheel felt a little more vague than some other textured designs - I struggled more than once changing weapons in Battlefield 3 as the feeling of the wheel didn't seem to match up with the actual detents that send the "scroll" signal to the computer. This is one of those "most people probably wouldn't notice" nitpicks though, and your experience might be different.

You can also see the mini-USB port under the wheel for the dual-purpose charging cord, allowing for hybrid wired/wireless functionality. I like this option, and appreciate the ability to easily switch between the two connection types.


While the extended "wings" are installed by default, they are easily swapped out for a slightly narrower set of side panels. Both of the designs are secured by three magnets, and are easy to remove and replace. The narrower set of grips also uses a soft, pleasantly textured rubber to enhance your grip - mainly designed to cater to those that prefer a claw style grip. I myself use a strange combination of claw and palm (which probably helps to explain my peculiar taste in peripherals, along with my never-ending search for the perfect fit), and the Ouroboros is highly adjustable to fit most grip styles.


Rounding out the externals, you can see the 3-bar battery indicator located on the "spine" of the mouse, between the DPI buttons (which are programmable as well) and the adjustable rear palm rest.



# availabilityvik 2013-03-20 21:20
if you hear anything about the supply issues please let us know! been waiting for stock myself.
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# StockJacob 2013-05-21 17:09
Actually I just ordered mine today at best buy, you can get it online but there's only like 8 more instock
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# Thanks TomJustin 2013-03-20 21:26
A great review Tom, thankyou.

I love this mouse personally. I share the 'claw and palm' hybrid grip with you, and have a 'batwing' on the left side, and one of the rubbery grips on the right. Works very well, especially with the ability to adjust the arch properly. This is the first mouse that I could atually make properly comfortable.

I believe the 'grippy' material used on the base of the wireless receiver is the same stuff used on a 'GripGo' car phone holder. They describe it as 'a million little suction caps', and it has a very similar effect to that of the base of the Razer.

Also agree with your thoughts on Synapse - functional, but perhaps excessive a little. I'd have rather seen onboard memory for profile storage, as opposed to a Cloud service. I have the DeathStalker Ultimate keyboard also, and it works quite well for that too.

Thanks again for the review mate, a great read :)
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# Other Reviewskzinti1 2013-03-21 01:09
I suggest everybody considering this mouse read all of the customer reviews at Amazon's site. Most say the software is quite buggy and there is a few seconds when the mouse will lock when attaching/detaching the cord.
I'm not saying that there's a single thing wrong with the review here, you should just consider other peoples thoughts on their mice, as well.
I've been trying several different mice lately, but can't find a single one that can come close to being the equal my good old Microsoft SideWinder X8.
Strange thing that. There are/were a lot of people that heaped a pile of hate on the SideWinder X8 for several various reasons that never applied to the two I own.
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# RE: Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming MouseBrian in RI 2013-03-21 06:17
I use the Death Adder now... happy, but the first one did not last as long as I expected.

The unique style and added buttons in new places interests me I must admit... But, I am NOT a fan of wireless.

I play BF3 (FPS) and CCTA (MMO).
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# RE: RE: Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mousevik 2013-03-27 20:13
I am still using my original Razer Diamondback, this just does not want to die. I am literally wearing away parts of the texture; had it for over 8 years now. I'm itching to get the Ouroboros, assuming they solve the software issues and keep the ole Diamondback as a trusty backup. I'd probly keep it in wired mode though.
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# RE; Razer OuroborosR. Jegust 2013-03-29 12:06
Very disappointing ..My sons 20 dollar mouse works better..The Ouroboros jumps ,will not connect wirelessly
how ever does look impressive makes a nice dust collector ..
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# Epic reviewHarry 2013-06-08 02:32
I'd just like to say that this review was really good! I've had a hard time finding mouse reviews that cover EVERYTHING, which you've done nicely. Due to lack of desk-space, I can't get a mouse with a large receiver and nobody wants to talk about the receivers - ever. I'll be coming back here for more large in-depth reviews that also provide good reads. Thanks :)
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# Very badAxel 2013-06-13 23:41
I had mamba 2012 had the opportunity to test this one as well there is no difference betwen them ....Except the jump from 6,4k to 8,2k dpi but trust me no1 uses the mouse any mouse above 6,4k dpi unless you got 60" monitor....Yes the looks ofc many will say that is a buy point not rly...
From what I had in my hands to best r.a.t 7 and 9 mamba naga epic and few others sucks do to the twin eye sensor they bad from designed and to have a normal performace to the mouse you need a G.L.I.D.E 7 or 9 but 9 it's pretty hard on the mouse usage...Atm I use a roccat kone pure and the mamba stays in the box cuz I dont work so smooth even on G.L.I.D.E 7 thats compared to the roccat
As a bottom line yes razer looks better yes madcatz (r.a.t) have more option for customizetion but overall the roccat works best at least for whats on the market atm...and trust me I used a bunch of mices before I tryed a roccat and they all had problems and they cost a # lot of cash
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# fordford 2013-10-10 08:58
Dont make this mistake, I had it replaced same problem, buy a corded model cordless has to many problems DPI movement is the worst. Start stop jittery, razer wont take it back or exchange even for a lesser price corded model?
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# No please... Noooo!!!!!!!GzStation 2013-12-07 09:08
Hi there!

My name is Jonathan.

I bought this mouse Ousoboros cause my old microsoft explorer as died after 12 ears of great services... I've repair it few times to cut the wire and resolver it.... But now it's over...

I took it was time to make a change and buy another one of the same quality i bought like 12 years ago.

I'm an average gamer... Gat an arcade machine and pinball too.... 3 X-Arcade stipend building some for friends...

Got very exited when i receive my Ouroboros from NewEgg. I
've plug the mouse for 12 hours for a full charge without testing it and when i woke up.... Step un my computer and try the mouse...

Everithing was very nice... The mouvement of the mouse was perfect after e few setup until i press the sensitivity clutch button...

The lag was so impressive i took i was left my Magic Mouse on the way and moved it buy mistake... turned off all other thing unused and try it again... Same thing...

I was verry disappointed when i've look over few post from October 2012 from people that have the same problem...

I've pay big price for a mouse of this quality ( Verry very well done mouse... The concept is really amazing ) But i cannot use it like that...

what are your suggestion...

I would like to keep it but not at 150$ cause i could disassemble it to make a trackball for my paralised friends... but mage a refurbishing is a solution...

Thank's for your help...

I'm verry disappointed... Mabe i had too much hope on this mouse...
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