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Written by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 13 October 2007
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OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-9200 DDR2 1150MHz RAM Kit
Closer Look: OCZ Reaper HPC
RAM Testing Methodology
Test Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Ever since Intel released the 3 series chipset, DDR2 has had the wind taken from its sails so that DDR3 could make waves. This was meant with the best intentions, but as DDR3 was released to the public it didn't take long for people to realize it was still too immature to compete against DDR2 in regards to performance. This put the weight of the world back on the shoulders of DDR2, which has just earned a reprieve from execution. But now that manufacturers are tooling up for DDR3 production, there are only a few names remaining on the shrinking list which are still releasing high-performance system memory for the DDR2 platform. OCZ recognizes that DDR2 has performance potential left in it, and offers the 1150MHz PC2-9200 2GB Reaper HPC OCZ2RPR11502GK DDR2 RAM Kit to Benchmark Reviews for testing.

OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-9200 DDR2 1150MHz RAM Kit OCZ2RPR11502GK

The Reaper HPC is an innovative patent-pending cooling solution developed by OCZ to effectively minimize heat produced by high-speed memory. As heat rises into the thermo-conductive copper heat pipe conduit, it is dissipated through the strategically-placed compact aluminum fin array. By guiding performance-robbing heat away from key memory components, the unique Reaper HPC design helps facilitate improved overclocking performance, while improving longevity and stability of the modules.

The first modules to be incorporated with the new Reaper heatsink are rated at 1150MHz and run at CL 5-5-5. As part of OCZ’s line-up of premium memory, PC2-9200 modules are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and industry-leading technical support.

The Reaper HPC series uses heat pipe technology to rapidly remove heat from the main body of the memory modules and conduct the thermal load to the extended radiator fin array. The addition of the extended fin array nearly doubles the total surface area available for heat dissipation while the heat pipes warrant near isothermicity throughout the entire design. The result is a doubling in effective heat dissipation at equal delta t or, in real systems, a significantly lower operating temperature of the memory modules.

OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-9200 DDR2 1150MHz RAM Kit OCZ2RPR11502GK

OCZ EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) is a feature that allows performance enthusiasts to use a VDIMM of 2.35V without invalidating their OCZ Lifetime Warranty.

About the company: OCZ Technologyocz_logo_200px.png

Entering the memory market in August 2000, OCZ Technology was built around the determination to manufacture the best high speed DDR and RDRAM. OCZ was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and their commitment to the end-user has not digressed. OCZ Technology has been an innovator in many areas.

We were the first manufacturer to make Dual Channel optimized memory available to the public, which originally took advantage of nVidia's Twinbank or Dual DDR architecture, found in their nForce chipset. We have now taken that technology and tailored it for the Canterwood, and Granite Bay chipset's. OCZ developed and was the first to implement ULN technology, which has been a critical element in the manufacturing process for some time.

We at OCZ diligently work to improve communication with CPU and motherboard chipset manufacturers prior to the release of their products. Only in this manner can we fine-tune the memory's SPD settings, ensuring a synergistic relationship between the memory module, memory controller, and microprocessor. In today's rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, such communication is not simply research, but a necessary component of the manufacturing process.


OCZ2RPR11502GK Features

  • Patent-pending Reaper HPC Heatsink
  • 2.35V EVP
  • EPP-Ready (Enhanced Performance Profiles) setting is rated at 1142MHz

OCZ Specifications

OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-9200 DDR2 1150MHz RAM Kit OCZ2RPR11502GK

  • 1150MHz DDR2
  • CL 5-5-5-18
    • Detailed Settings:
    • i965 Chipset: CAS 5, TRDC 5, TRP 5, TRAS 18, TWR 6, TRRC 42, TRRD 11, TRTR 11, TRTP 11, TWTP 11
    • i680 Chipset: CAS 5, TRDC 5, TRP 5, TRAS 18, TRRD 6, TRC 33, TWR 6, TWTR 11, TREF 3.9
  • Available in 2GB (2x1024) Dual Channel Kits Unbuffered
  • OCZ Lifetime Warranty
  • 2.3 Volts
  • 240 Pin DIMM


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