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Written by Steven Hill - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 20 December 2012
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Rosewill Gaming Keyboard RK-8100
Closer Look: Rosewill RIKB-11003
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Closer Look: Rosewill RIKB-11003

Just because the keyboard is designated as gaming doesn't mean you can't use it for other tasks. In fact, I'm writing this review using the Rosewill Gaming Keyboard. The keys don't travel quite as far as on some mechanical keyboard (2.5 + 1mm according to the specs). Typing on this keyboard is a responsive, if noisy, affair. If you really get typing, the sound is reminiscent to hard-spattering rain against your window.

The designation "gaming" seems to give keyboard manufacturers the burning desire to give their devices alternative dimensions. The Rosewill Gaming Keyboard is not your daddy's standard rectangular keyboard. As you can see in the images, it would be difficult to define the keyboard's actual shape. It is a large keyboard, with extra keys taking up space at the top left, top tight and both sides. In an effort to reduce wrist strain, there is a substantial palm rest. Make sure you have plenty of space available on your desk or keyboard tray. The shiny black surface of the keyboard is prone to picking up finger and palm prints, so keep some sort of microfiber cloth handy to keep it clean.


Unlike many recent entries into the gaming keyboard market, the Rosewill Gaming Keyboard does not feature backlit keys. It does have one LED-lit emblem, however. What this emblem depicts is anyone's guess. In my opinion, I think it's supposed to be a tiger or some other large cat. Though, with the side details that could be construed as mandibles, it could very well be some sort of insect.

A close look at the surface of any individual key makes it appear that the character is some sort of raised sticker. Running my finger over the character, I can definitely feel it is very slightly raised compared to the rest of the sloping key surface. However, whatever technique has been used is fairly durable; I can't pick the character off with my fingernail. The keys don't feature any noise-reduction technology like gaskets or o-rings.


Possibly the best feature of this keyboard for gamers are the rubberized WASD and arrow keys. Your fingertips find them easily, and, thanks to the keys' texturing, your fingers don't slip easily from their surfaces. However, in the case that you don't like these keys, Rosewill includes a set of plain plastic replacement keys and a small key removal tool that saves you the effort of grabbing a butter knife to pop keys free from the board.

The bottom of the board features two folding legs and two small rubberized pads to hold it in place. However, in the sample provided to me at least, the keyboard wobbles slightly from side to side. Perhaps there is some slight warping, or the pads and legs are uneven in size. In any case, it is a noticeable annoyance.


The keyboard doesn't include any other fancy features like extra USB ports or audio plugs. You just plug the single USB cable into your computer and go.



# RE: Rosewill Gaming Keyboard RK-8100Argos 2013-02-15 01:59
They can stick the label 'gaming' on anything.
To me this is one of the many that do not deserve it.
As a fanatic Shooter/RPG gamer I always ask "What have you done for me lately". In this case the answer is: "Nothing. absolutely nothing."
It is so frustrating to see so called 'gaming' keyboard after so called 'gaming' keyboard ignoring fps gamers like me.
Come on Rosewill is this all you can think of? A bit of rubber on the WASD? and a bit of programmability? jeeeeez.
I can't imagine any gamer thinking they need this.
At least it is relatively cheap.
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# Oops!RealNeil 2013-02-15 07:14
Sorry that this KB upsets you so Argos. Fact of the matter is that many people cannot afford to buy mechanical gaming keyboards to game with. So an inexpensive board that has features that help (even a little) is welcome to a lot of people. Because of the price, some will have to make do and get this or something like it.
You are right in that $25 is cheap for a gamer's KB. This is what Rosewill usually does though. A lot of what they make is good. Try taking a long look at their Blackhawk Ultra PC Case. It's One of the best that I have ever built with and has a ton of room inside, and lots of useable features too.
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# RE: Oops!Argos 2013-02-15 08:04
@ RealNeil
Don't worry I am not upset. Also I was not at all referring to mechanical keyboards. I personally feel they are overrated. I own many keyboards. None of them is mechanical. No, what I actually meant is that most gaming keyboards lack any truly useful adaptations for FPS/RPG gamers, like for example an improved layout of the WASD keys.
Ideazon had a go at that once, but for some reason nobody else gets that FPS gamers need more than some reprogrammability, questionable and mostly useless lcd's, and ridiculous fancy shapes.

Currently I use a Microsoft Sidewinder X6. It is a fairly well designed board. It is programmable, and features a modular design, but forgets to actually do something useful with that. I would have expected Microsoft to release some improved Ideazon Fang-like module for FPS gaming, but of course they did not. Such a waste of incredible potential. An ambidextrous designed 'Fang' FPS module could have been attached to the left and right side of the X6 board. It would have been my dream gaming board. Well at least it is backlit and looks cool.

This is the problem with all so called gaming keyboards. They don't add truly useful and practical options for FPS gaming. It is like FPS gaming does not exist for the kb manufacturers. Don't get me wrong, programmable keys are fine, but to be honest most of the time you don't need them at all.
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# IndeedSlaine 2013-02-15 11:09
Many keyboards are just looks and aimed at MMORPG. But few think ahead.

A feature that could help a lot would be a modular keyboard, where you can arrange the main body, the arrows and the numeric keyboard left or right that way you want it would attend lefties and all the arrows users that hate WASD because they stumble over the other keys.
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# RE: IndeedArgos 2013-02-15 11:24
Yes absolutely, that is exactly what I was talking about, Slaine.
The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 is halfway there. It is backlit, it is programmable, and.... it is modular!

The only thing they forgot was to ad the WASD part. That is why I mentioned the Ideazon Fang (google for it). Imagine that device modernized and adapted to the modular Sidewinder X6. It would be perfect from my point of view.
I have been using the Fang for many years now and it is a wonderful peripheral for FPS gamers like me and I would welcome a new modernized and backlit version with full support for modern OS-es.
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