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Written by Tom Jaskulka - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012
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A4Tech Ultracore3 V7 Gun3 Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: A4Tech V7
A4Tech V7 Detailed Features
A4Tech V7 Test Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

A4Tech V7 Detailed Features

HoleLESS HD Engine

One of the first things you may notice when turning over the V7 is the lack of a sensor hole anywhere – not to worry, as A4Tech has made sure to describe on the bottom of the mouse itself it is just a feature of the HoleLESS engine. As far as I can tell, it is simply a tinted window for the sensor. Simple, but incredibly innovative. After the issues my Razer Lachesis (with the 4000 DPI) sensor had with any speck of dust or thread getting in the sensor hole, this simple change seems long overdue. Perhaps it only works with optical sensors – in any case, it is one of those features that makes you wonder why no one has done it before.


It may or may not be a result of the HoleLESS engine, but the sensor performed flawlessly throughout my testing. I was surprised to find it functioned perfectly on the glass top of my desk, as well a Goliathus Speed Edition pad and Destructor hard pad. You shouldn't experience any trouble finding a surface on which to use the V7. It reminded me of the flawless performance I experienced from a Razer Death Adder when they were first released. The polling rate was similarily solid - testing using a direct input mouse rate tool, along with a mouse rate checker utility showed the 1000 Hz polling rate to be as claimed.


6x Shooting Speed

On the packaging, the V7's marketing team wants to ensure you don't miss out on any features – one of which is the claimed 6x faster shooting speed. As gamers, we'll take every millisecond we can get – and if the claims are true (most mouse buttons activate after ~18 ms, whereas the V7 will register a press after only 3 ms) that ~15 ms difference might determine if your input gets placed in the current outgoing frame of action or the next. While testing that specific circumstance is outside the scope of this review, A4Tech provides a mouse click speed test that you can use on whatever set of mice you would like. It just so happens I have a group of Razer mice standing by to test against.

You can see in the screenshots I followed the testing procedure described in the software program – you simply activate the program, then press the left mouse button of mouse “A” against the right mouse button of mouse “B”. To the right, you'll see the results. I tested each mouse three times, then switched “sides.” Finally, I tested two Razer mice against each other – it seems the results were pretty consistent and back up the claims made on the V7 packaging.
Up first, the V7 (starting as Mouse A) vs. the Razer Orochi mobile gaming mouse (tested in wired mode):


Then the V7 (again starting as Mouse A then switching halfway through) vs. the Razer Mamba (again in wired mode):


The V7 vs. Razer Lachesis:


Finally, the Razer Imperator vs. Razer Lachesis:


It sure looks as if the V7 has the hardware to back up the marketing claims. It would be an interesting debate to decide how much these results actually matter in a gaming situation, but it confirms the button response on the A4Tech V7 is about six times faster than other “gaming” mice - according to A4Tech's speed test tool. Whether this is a function of the type of switches or some other hardware choice I'm not certain – but there it is. More importantly, can you feel the effects in-game? It certainly doesn't detract from the experience, and the buttons on the V7 do feel more responsive. I would say it is more important you find a mouse that fits your hand and become as familiar as possible with your chosen peripheral, but it is nice to know the V7 gives you every opportunity to get the jump on your opponents.



# InquiryJP 2012-12-20 22:00
Hi, Benchmark reviews

Is this an ambidextrous shaped mouse? (right/left)
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# RE: InquiryTom Jaskulka 2012-12-23 06:42
Although the "grippy" surfaces are on both sides, the design is meant for right-handed users. The area of the mouse for your ring finger is narrow enough that it wouldn't get in the way if you tried to use it left-handed, but there are other mice in this line that are truly ambidextrous - I'd recommend taking a look at those if that is what you're after.
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# Brilliant ReviewMuneeb Hanif 2012-12-24 03:36
Hi, I have been using this mouse for a about a week now. No regrets what so ever perfectly fits my hand and the accuracy on this thing is spot on. From what i have seen on MS Paint there is no prediction what so ever. Clicks are fast and although i think its too early to call but this mouse has to be the best in its price range.

The whole Core 3 feature just went over my head. Benchmark reviews i would love to hear from you in this regard so when using the recoil suppression feature can you shoot all 30 rounds as you desire with the recoil adjustment provided or do rounds get fired in bursts.

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# RE: Brilliant ReviewTom Jaskulka 2012-12-26 19:02
Regarding the Core 3 feature, you can select and adjust different recoil patterns for two firing modes - "normal" and 3-shot burst. The normal mode will fire fully automatic, as long as the weapon in game fires fully automatic. It would be equivalent to holding down the fire button. The 3-shot burst mode is separate from "normal," and acts as you would expect, firing 3 shots every time the fire button is clicked. I can understand your remark regarding the Core 3 feature, as I've never seen anything like it. I was surprised to see it worked, and quite well at that. Hopefully this helps answer your question!
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# ThanksMuneeb Hanif 2012-12-28 22:08
Thanks for the nice explanation i think that has cleared my head somewhat :P....will try using these features...its more trial and error to see what suits what gun best...One last thing by normal you mean the green light right or the red one
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# RE: ThanksTom Jaskulka 2013-02-05 11:00
The red light (scroll wheel) depicts "normal" mode.
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# SoftwareEmer Gencyexitonly 2013-02-05 10:58
Does it work without installing anything! (Use in diferent computers)
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# RE: SoftwareTom Jaskulka 2013-02-05 10:59
It will work just fine without installing anything, although like many other mice with profiles you won't be able to customize any of the button assignments. If you're fine with the defaults, you'll still be able to use them as such. You'll have to install the software driver to change any of the defaults obviously, but once you do those custom settings will be saved onto the mouse - allowing you to use it on many different machines with your custom settings without having to install the drivers again. Keep in mind you won't be able to change between the different Cores without the driver though. Hope this helps!
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# RE: A4Tech Ultracore3 V7 Gun3 Gaming Mouses2korpio 2013-02-05 11:00
Mother of... What? This? Coming from a company that makes cheap to average peripherals?!

Talk about the ultimate price-to-QUALITY ratio!

I've been meaning to find a mouse with great attention given to its clicking feedback, and the one company that does this is the one that's been known as boring... I have to say this is a wonderful thing :)

Shame on Logitech. Years of experience and they never seem to evolve beyond the concept of "more is better".
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# RE: RE: A4Tech Ultracore3 V7 Gun3 Gaming MouseJan Horak 2013-02-05 11:02
Hi, i would buy this mouse, but i have one question. Is need to buy Core3 or other program for this mouse to get all function of this mouse?

thanks all
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# RE: RE: RE: A4Tech Ultracore3 V7 Gun3 Gaming Mousemsa502 2013-02-05 11:02
He means the Ultra-Core3 software to activate the recoil suppresion. From of what I heard in this review, and take a look at the bloody's site, that Ultra-Core3 software has a trial mode for 1000 clicks, and then you'd have to buy the software to use it again ( listed here: ). Imo, this review should add that Ultra-Core3 price to the mouse price as you can't really get the full function of the mouse if you won't buy the software (yes you get the trial mode, but 1000 clicks will be going in no time in fps games).
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# Brand ManagerDemetri Newson-Thompson 2013-03-09 11:38
We have two seperate models of the V7, we have the pro model and the basic model. The pro model does come with the Ultra-Core3 already activated, while the basic does not. We initially offered the software seperately, but we understood the need to bundle them together. So we have.
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# RE: Brand ManagerOlin Coles 2013-03-09 14:39
That fact that an A4Tech representative must comment on a review to explain your product speaks volumes. The lack of forethought in this product and it's many confusing names is astounding. Not only is the product name a complete mess because the website, packaging, and product are each branded with a different name, but your software lacks a real-world trial period. Be lucky that I wasn't the person to review this product, or it would have been rated much lower.
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# Could you post your settings for G3A3?Muneeb Hanif 2013-02-05 11:03
Hi, benchmark reviews can you please post the settings on the dial you used to counter recoil of the g3a3 rifle. I cant seem to counter recoil of more then 15 bullets(full-auto) after which the gun starts to aim downwards automatically and i am unable to control it. THANKS!!!
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# Great mouse!jarmart 2013-02-05 11:04
Great mouse, tracking is flawless, click are super responsive, the ring finger rest is nice but has kind of a abrupt edge to it that can be uncomfortable for long sessions. The modes (or core's as the call them) are nice. One major issue in mode 1 (core 1) you get 1,N, and 3 middle buttons as extra programmable buttons. But in that mode you can't use profiles that load by starting a program/game. So if you want to auto assign "z" to mouse4 when you start Skyrim, can't do it in mode 1. Load mode 2 (core2) you can but you have 3 less buttons since the middle buttons are pre-assigned to recoil suppression. Not a major issue if you play FPS but can be a in RPG. All in all one of the better mice I've used.
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# Brand Manager A4TechDemetri Newson-Thompson 2013-03-09 11:42
We understood this issue also... So for that reason. We have developed specific MMO and RPG mice for our new Bloody Series. We will be unveiling them around M3. Our booth will have them on display.
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# braveone69David Glasgow 2013-02-13 07:54
its a mouse well worth the money, its just an excellent mouse...(Period)
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# RE: A4Tech Ultracore3 V7 Gun3 Gaming MouseSkidmarks 2013-02-14 06:09
For 40 bucks you really can't complain
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# Mac osAlex 2013-03-02 08:51
I would like to buy this mouse but I have a mac, do you know how it works on MAC OS? Thanks ;)
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# RE: Mac osDavid Ramsey 2013-03-02 09:25
As noted on the first page of the reviews, in the Specifications table, the mouse hardware will work fine on a Mac, but the supplied software is only for Windows.

So you can connect the mouse to a Mac and get basic mouse functions, but not the enhanced features provided by the software and drivers.
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# that softwareWaleed 2013-05-30 17:29
im planning to buy this mouse but i'm not interested in that feature ( it will kill your gaming skills and is probably cheating/hacking, cheating is cheating if done by software or hardware ) anyways i wanted to ask if Using this mouse without that Recoil cancel stuff features, will it be good for FPS games then?

im talking about grip and 3200 dpi is more then enough, the mouse looks awesome though,

and if im not using that core feature, what buttons can get keyboard shortcuts?
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