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Written by Mark Pedersen   
Saturday, 24 November 2012
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NZXT Cryo X60 Notebook Cooler RN-CRX60-B1
Closer Look: NZXT Cryo X60
Cryo X60 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

NZXT Cryo X60 Notebook Cooler Review

Manufacturer: NZXT Technologies
Product Name: Aluminum Notebook Cooler with 16" Support
Model Number: CRYO X60
Part Number: RN-CRX60-B1
UPC: 156710107972 EAN: 00301690046
Price As Tested: $54.99 at (NewEgg) and (Amazon)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by NZXT Technologies.

No matter which laptop you have, the expensive or inexpensive one, they pretty much all seem to get very hot in a short period of time. NZXT has released their fifth notebook cooler, the Cryo X60, model RN-CRX60-B1. With a slim profile design using two 120mm asymmetrical cooling fans, aluminum construction, and high airflow with vented aluminum mesh cutouts. Supports laptops up to 16" screen size. This is a premium laptop cooler with an integrated 4 port usb hub and a 5 speed fan controller that runs optionally on Usb power or AC adapter. Built by NZXT known for gamer enthusiast quality cooling products and accessories, Benchmark Reviews will be testing this cooler for performance and value.

Anyone who has owned a laptop knows about how hot they get, the bottom is often hot enough to make the user uncomfortable especially when using on their actual lap. Not only is a hot laptop an inconvenience unless maybe your freezing in the winter, but the heat also cause a laptop to work harder and the parts go out quicker. High heat can cause a laptop to run slower especially if the temperatures reach the throttling threshold. Cpu fan failure and overheating is a common reason laptops go out, the Cryo X60 can assist the cpu fan so it doesn't have to work as hard and last longer and keep temperatures lower on the hard drive and motherboard so they last longer as well.


The Cryo X60 will be tested in how well it cools a laptop, and if there are any measurable performance gains. It will also be inspected of its composition and how well the materials used help dissipate heat. I will also be testing how portable this cooler is in real world every day use.

NZXT Cooler Features

The Cryo X60 is a premium laptop cooler designed for laptops up to 16". It is compact and very portable and crafted with quality materials aluminum and plastic.

  • Unique asymmetrical design with large vertical mesh cutouts for improved airflow
  • Support for all types of notebooks up to 16" display
  • Equipped with two 12cm fans, 18mm thin for an ultra slim profile
  • Integrated 5 speed fan controller to adjust your fans to low or high settings
  • 4x USB 2.0 for transfer and quick access to multimedia
  • Adjustable leg height for your comfort
  • Option to power by USB connector or AC adapter

Cryo X60 Specifications

Model: CRYO X60
Dimensions (LWH) 11.66" x 15.44" x 1.89"
Laptop Support Up to 16"
Color/Material Black Anodized Aluminum, Plastic
Power Options USB or 5.1V AC Adapter, Both included
Fans 2 x 120mm, 18mm thin
5 Fan Speed Controls ± 10% 495 rpm, 750 rpm, 990 rpm, 1245 rpm, 1500 rpm
Weight 2 pounds
USB Ports 4 x USB 2.0



# laptop cooolingLaptop cooling 2012-12-28 02:09
Thank You,

The information you shared is very informative laptop cooling
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# RE: NZXT Cryo X60 Notebook Cooler RN-CRX60-B1Deciduous Sprue 2013-02-05 11:24
I'm sure this is a great accessory. However, you repeatedly stress how hot all laptops get. This simply isn't true. My current laptop does not get hot, even after 6 or 7 hours of sitting on my lap. You shouldn't open a review with a blatant fallacy.
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# RE: RE: NZXT Cryo X60 Notebook Cooler RN-CRX60-B1Steven Iglesias-Hearst 2013-02-05 11:24
That's not how I read it. More of a loose opening statement to which most readers can relate. If your laptop does not get hot then you won't need to look at laptop cooler reviews.
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# RE: NZXT Cryo X60 Notebook Cooler RN-CRX60-B1Rick Coleman 2013-02-05 11:25
I like it but for $50+ bucks I think it should have had at least two fast USB 3.0 ports. The trend is away from the much slower USB 2.0 so in order to get the best longevity out of this product it really needed to have a future forward feature. My new Alienware laptop has 3 USB ports (1 x 2.0 & 2 x 3.0. It gets my skin simmering very quickly sitting on my lap while playing Skyrim and Crysis 2, so I use a TV dinner folding table. But I'm looking for a laptop cooler to make my couch dwelling more comfortable. This advert caught my eye, however, I'll keep looking. Btw, my external hard drive is USB 3.0 as is my 64 GB USB flash drive.
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