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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
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ROCCAT KONE XTD Detailed Features
ROCCAT Hiro 3D Gaming Surface
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ROCCAT Hiro 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad

ROCCAT also sent along a HIRO - 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad (model# ROC-13-410) for testing. The MSRP for the HIRO 3D Supremacy Gaming Surface on the ROCCAT website is €49.99, this is a lot of money for a surface on which to move your mouse around, so it had better be good.


The box is very informative as one would expect and there is a little cut-out in the bottom left corner so you won't need to rip it open to see what it looks or feels like. In the bottom right corner there is a claim of "Field tested for gaming mice with resolutions of up to 16800 DPI", yet none of the gaming mice listed on the ROCCAT website to have been tested with the HIRO have a sensor anywhere close to that sensitivity. From what little research I have conducted, 8200 DPI is currently the highest sensitivity sensor available right now.


The ROCCAT HIRO gaming surface is not too much bigger than an A4 sheet of paper, but is more than big enough for the current generation of high sensitivity gaming mice. It is quite heavy as mouse mats go but this adds to stability in the heat of the moment. From this distance the ROCCAT HIRO looks just like any other mouse mat but the detail is only obvious when you look closer. The ROCCAT HIRO has a vulcanized silicon treated surface to make your mouse glide easier and to also be water resistant, which is useful for when (not if) you spill something on it and it ultimately needs cleaning.


Thee reverse of the ROCCAT HIRO 3D Gaming Surface is made from non-slip shock absorbing rubber, designed to keep it stable in the heat of the moment. Despite this construction I still get a little bit of movement on my laminated wood desk top, not enough to be a problem but I do definitely find the HIRO migrating a little during normal use.


A nice macro shot here to emphasize the level of detail of the ROCCAT HIRO 3D Gaming Surface, it has a similar look and feel to denim. One thing is for sure though is that the HIRO feels very rugged and durable.


Another feature of the ROCCAT HIRO 3D Gaming surface that ROCCAT advertise is the "power bonded construction" which, as seen above, gives nicely rounded corners and edges that won't fray.

Before I received the ROCCAT HIRO 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad I have never seen the point of using a mouse mat, and haven't used one in all my 12 years of PC gaming. Ultimately, I still think mouse mats are a bit of a marketing gimmick, mouse mats were almost essential for ball mice but the advent of optical sensors did away with the need for them. Unless you are trying to game on a slab of concrete I really don't see the need for one. There may be benefits for ultra competitive professional gamers but it must be marginal at best, average Joe gamer will do just fine without one.



# Serious review?Michael 2012-11-29 06:38
In the beginning you write "We were impressed with the KONE[+] so let's see if the KONE XTD is a worthy replacement.".. Really? How on Earth could you be impressed with the KONE[+] mouse?? The tracking of that mouse was sooo bad I threw it away after 1 day. I find it hard to take your review serious if that is the standard you think so highly about!,
Makes me wonder if you are paid off by the manufacturer :-/
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# RE: Serious review?Aaron 2012-11-29 10:33
It must be a fault with your particular product.
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# RE: RE: Serious review?Michael 2012-11-29 15:01
Eh no.. Sorry! Just Google the internet and see plenty of threads that shows exactly the mouse jitter I'm takling about..
Try "roccat kone sensor problem"..
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# RE: Serious review?Steven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-12-01 08:26
No one at Benchmark Reviews gets paid off by any manufacturer, I'm sorry you feel that way.

If I had the issue you speak about with the KONE[+] I would most certainly have reported it. It would not have impressed me and it would not have got a high rating.

Needless to say the KONE XTD and the KONE Pure do not suffer this issue.
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# roccat build good quality fact.stevenicks 2012-12-07 08:07
not saying this is your problem but try using an powered USB hub that will make sure there will be enuff volts to power these type of devices, many people load up the computer with usb devices and dont think that maybe just maybe the device is not getting the power it needs thus a powered usb hub has solved alot of problems with a few device's that require power. worked with and solved problems with usb wirless headset and tracking problem with R.A.T 7 MMO i had .. just a thought.
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# RE: ROCCAT KONE XTD Gaming MouseArgos 2012-12-19 00:02
After having earlier Kone's break down on me (mouse wheel construction is/was prone to breaking) I would be afraid to buy a Roccat mouse ever again.
I loved everything about the Kone. I never perceived tracking problems and I love the design, but a gaming mouse has to be sturdy and be able to take punishment in the heat of the moment.
So I went back to Logitech. I have been using a G700 for a long time now. Great, versatile and strong mouse.
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