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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
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ROCCAT KONE XTD Detailed Features
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In this section we will have a good look at the ROCCAT KONE XTD to see what sets it apart from the rest.


The KONE XTD box front is quick to boast about the most important features of this mouse and when you open the front flap you get even more info. There is a nice window to showcase the unit itself. The flipside of the box goes into more detail about these features, you would not be short of information if you were to pick it up on a store shelf and you would quickly be able to make an informed decision.


It is quite obvious that the KONE XTD is designed for right handed people but lefties would only lose the function of the two side buttons, this is a compromise but it means you don't have to overlook this mouse. The KONE XTD is quite a large mouse measuring approximately 13cm x 7.5cm at its longest and widest points respectively. This coupled with the high arch profile makes it quite a handful, suited to the larger hand although my 7 and 9 year old sons don't seem to have any problems using it.


The KONE XTD has quite a high arch profile that manages to merge the 'claw' style grip and the 'palm' style grip into one, it is hard for me to translate the feeling into words but the KONE XTD feels really comfortable in the hand whatever the grip style I tried.


This shot of the KONE XTD shows all of its buttons, while it looks minimal compared to offerings by other manufacturers you actually have 22 mouse functions thanks to ROCCAT's Easyshift[+] feature and 4D mouse wheel. Not counting scroll and tilt there are eight clickable mouse buttons; Left click, Right click, Wheel click, + button, - button, < button, > button and Ξ button. All of the buttons on the KONE XTD are programmable using the ROCCAT mouse settings utility. If you pair this mouse with the ROCCAT ISKU keyboard then you can utilize the ROCCAT Talk feature and assign the Easyshift[+] key on the ISKU to be the function modifier for itself and the KONE XTD too and vice versa the EasyShift[+] button on the KONE XTD can be the modifier for the ISKU keyboard and itself.


Flip the KONE XTD over and you have access to the weight adjustment system, simply rotate the disk to unlock it which allows you to populate it with up to four 5g weights (shown below). Also shown here is the layout of the low friction mouse feet, the entire heel is one big U shape of low friction material and two smaller pieces are used at the front corners. It is important that you remember to clean the bottom of the mouse regularly to maintain optimal performance as these feet pick up a lot of dirt on their travels which will introduce drag. This won't be noticeable during rapid movement but precision movement will be affected slightly.


Changing the weight of the ROCCAT KONE XTD won't be an on-the-fly procedure, and it is a bit fiddly to say the least. The weight compartment cover it a bit tricky to get off and once you put the weights in they can be a bit of a pain to remove. I personally prefer to use the KONE XTD without any weights, but it goes without saying that we are all individual and have different preferences so the option is there if required.



# Serious review?Michael 2012-11-29 06:38
In the beginning you write "We were impressed with the KONE[+] so let's see if the KONE XTD is a worthy replacement.".. Really? How on Earth could you be impressed with the KONE[+] mouse?? The tracking of that mouse was sooo bad I threw it away after 1 day. I find it hard to take your review serious if that is the standard you think so highly about!,
Makes me wonder if you are paid off by the manufacturer :-/
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# RE: Serious review?Aaron 2012-11-29 10:33
It must be a fault with your particular product.
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# RE: RE: Serious review?Michael 2012-11-29 15:01
Eh no.. Sorry! Just Google the internet and see plenty of threads that shows exactly the mouse jitter I'm takling about..
Try "roccat kone sensor problem"..
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# RE: Serious review?Steven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-12-01 08:26
No one at Benchmark Reviews gets paid off by any manufacturer, I'm sorry you feel that way.

If I had the issue you speak about with the KONE[+] I would most certainly have reported it. It would not have impressed me and it would not have got a high rating.

Needless to say the KONE XTD and the KONE Pure do not suffer this issue.
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# roccat build good quality fact.stevenicks 2012-12-07 08:07
not saying this is your problem but try using an powered USB hub that will make sure there will be enuff volts to power these type of devices, many people load up the computer with usb devices and dont think that maybe just maybe the device is not getting the power it needs thus a powered usb hub has solved alot of problems with a few device's that require power. worked with and solved problems with usb wirless headset and tracking problem with R.A.T 7 MMO i had .. just a thought.
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# RE: ROCCAT KONE XTD Gaming MouseArgos 2012-12-19 00:02
After having earlier Kone's break down on me (mouse wheel construction is/was prone to breaking) I would be afraid to buy a Roccat mouse ever again.
I loved everything about the Kone. I never perceived tracking problems and I love the design, but a gaming mouse has to be sturdy and be able to take punishment in the heat of the moment.
So I went back to Logitech. I have been using a G700 for a long time now. Great, versatile and strong mouse.
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