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Written by Dan McNamara   
Friday, 23 November 2012
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HAWKEN Mech Combat FPS Video Game Preview
First Look: HAWKEN
HAWKEN Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

HAWKEN Final Thoughts

I like the game. It's just that simple. Hawken has enough customization to keep you tweaking your vehicle endlessly. It packs tons of action into a short period of time and has a lot of terrain and details so that you are immediately immersed in the simulation. And it is a fun game. I have had a ball every time I have played it and look forward to the introduction of the "Match Making" function so I can play people my own rank and maybe last just a little bit longer.


HAWKEN Conclusion

Even at the Beta Test stage the HAWKEN Mech Combat FSP video game has a lot going for it. It has great visuals and a huge variety of Mechs and ways to customize your vehicle. The in game environment is fantastic adds a height level of realism to the simulation. Control functions are easy to figure out and intuitive to use. I love the graphics and the many types of landscapes available.

Hawken Mech Combat FSP is still in Beta testing. I was able to participate in two Beta Events in two weeks so the creators are trying hammer out as many bugs as possible and to incorporate as much feedback as possible. If you are interested go to the site and sign up ( The game was playable on a modest legacy machine and very playable on a i5 laptop. I would strongly recommend that you sign up and experience the game for yourself. It is worth it.

I am looking forward to future Beta Tests, and have great expectations on where the end product.


+ Great graphics.
+ Excellent physics in the game.
+ Controls are intuitive.
+ Fun factor is very high.
+ Game works well on computers at the low end of the specifications


- A little more work on the Blue Force identification would be appreciated.

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# Hunter W.Hunter 2013-02-27 10:36
Looks really cool once I finish this build I will definitely play this
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