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Written by Dan McNamara   
Friday, 23 November 2012
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HAWKEN Mech Combat FPS Video Game Preview
First Look: HAWKEN
HAWKEN Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

First Look: HAWKEN

If there is one thing that stops people in their tracks it is the view of the battlefield. Hit the "Launch" button and as your screen clears you get a look at where you will either live or die. Smoke obscures your view and you know something has really hit the fan and it's time to kick some Mech bottom.


When you leave your spawn point you had better be ready for battle and keep your head up. The world is multi-tiered and, as you will find out, the enemy can pop out from any angle and rain destruction on you and your Mech.

And of course there are the Mechs. Your initial choice of Mechs provides a good set of basic abilities so you can be out a'stomin, and a'smashin and a'shootin in no time at all. Hawken provides new Mechs to try out and then purchase, and, of course there is a huge number of modifications that can be done to each to make them your own.


A good Mech to start out with is the Assault Mech. It has lots of armor and can really take damage and keep on swinging. If you are looking for something to slug it out with little finesse this is the Mech for you.


If you favor agility and sniping then the Sharpshooter is a good choice. It is light and nimble, but with the excellent 3D movement in the game it is easy to maneuver into position for precision shooting.


The infiltrator is fast, light and has the ability to use camouflage to hide and unleash it's fury in an instant. These are just a few of the available Mechs, but you can tell there has been great effort put in to make the experience as complete as possible



# Hunter W.Hunter 2013-02-27 10:36
Looks really cool once I finish this build I will definitely play this
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