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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Friday, 23 November 2012
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ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: ROCCAT KONE Pure
ROCCAT KONE Pure Detailed Features
ROCCAT Hiro 3D Gaming Surface
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ROCCAT KONE Pure Final Thoughts

For me, the ROCCAT KONE Pure is a really good addition to the KONE line-up, it's a smaller simplified version of the KONE[+] and just as powerful as the KONE XTD. ROCCAT have done away with some of the unnecessary bells and whistles and made a more refined tool of gaming, I think that the KONE Pure will be the serious gamers choice as it has the right balance of looks and features. One problem I have observed while testing all of the KONE mice was with the waiting period between making changes in the software and them being applied to the mouse. As I stated earlier it takes approximately 28 seconds between clicking apply for the settings to be active on the mouse. In an age where my computer can boot up in less time I expect such relatively small changes to be more instantaneous. Once you are happy with your load out this will of course become a non issue, but if like me you have only just got the mouse and you want to experiment with settings these 28 second periods feel like they are taking an age and will soon mount up.

There are some great features inherent to the KONE line-up that really make this series stand out. They are EasyShift[+], EasyAim and Roccat Talk. Used in conjunction these features really will take your game to another level. As with all gaming peripherals you won't get immediate improvements, to think such a thing is silly. Over time, as you learn to use the KONE Pure properly, you will really start to appreciate what it can do. Pair the KONE Pure mouse with the ISKU keyboard and you can enjoy the benefits inherent to Roccat Talk, both of these devices have EasyShift[+] buttons and you can assign these buttons to either device and they will communicate seamlessly. EasyAim can also be assigned to a button on the keyboard so you will have more precise control with your mouse hand.


ROCCAT KONE Pure Conclusion

In this section I am going to write a brief five point summary on the following categories; Performance, Appearance, Construction, Functionality and Value. These views are my own and help me to give the Roccat KONE Pure - Core Performance Gaming Mouse a rating out of 10, a high score does not necessarily mean that it is better than a similar mouse which has been reviewed by another writer here at Benchmark Reviews, which may have received a lower score. It is however a good indicator of whether the KONE Pure is good or not. I would strongly urge you to read the entire review, if you have not already, so that you can make an educated decision for yourself.

The Roccat KONE Pure performs extremely well in all tasks, the 8200 dpi R3 laser sensor really takes it to another level in FPS games, but takes a bit of getting used to. It's quite amusing to watch a noobie family member trying to use my PC at this level when they are used to the basic 800dpi of a normal mouse. The software utility is very intuitive and gives a lot of options for customizing the KONE XTD

I'm very impressed with the appearance of the KONE Pure, it can normally a touchy subject but the KONE Pure just looks the part. The KONE XTD and [+] models both had the light strips down both sides where the Pure just has the light up logo at the rear, Thee KONE Pure is much more subtle and doesn't try to cater for everyone, it just works. You can choose a pre defined color for the logo or you can choose a custom color of your choice.

The construction of the KONE Pure is of exceptional quality. There is no doubt in my head that this mouse will last a long time and it can take a bit of a beating along the way and remain in good order. The materials used are of high quality which is expected in a gaming mouse of this level. It is about the right weight for my preference and fits very comfortably into my hand, I couldn't really ask for any more than that.

Functionality is top notch, EasyShift, EasyAim and Roccat Talk really set this mouse out from the rest, the issue of the waiting time when changing settings is almost moot next to these. It used to be the case that DPI was the only highlight of a gaming mouse, it does play a massive part but it is not a deal breaker. The KONE Pure does not disappoint with its 8200 DPI R3 laser sensor, it takes some time to get used to but when you have got to grips with it you will love every minute of gameplay.

As of January 2013, the Roccat KONE Pure Core Performance Gaming Mouse is available for $69.99 (Newegg / Amazon), although Amazon's pre-release price is over $100, so wait until it is officially released to grab a great bargain. Not everyone can afford to throw $60 at a gaming mouse and I understand that but consider that the KONE Pure has features that not all other mice have. For that reason Roccat could have easily charged more (like others often do) but they played it just right I think.

The Roccat KONE Pure is a great all around mouse. If you are an FPS gamer then you will really appreciate the 8200 dpi R3 laser sensor and the EasyAim function. MMO and RTS gamers will really appreciate the EasyShift[+] and Roccat talk capabilities that will surely increase your APM to all new level. ROCCAT did away with unnecessary features to bring you a powerful yet inexpensive gaming mouse. Unfortunately they left out one of the more important features inherent to the KONE line-up - the 4D scroll wheel that I had become so accustomed to, such a shame.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award

+ 8200 dpi Pro-Aim R3 Laser Sensor
+ EasyShift[+] and EasyAim are game changers
+ Roccat Talk compatible
+ 17 Mouse functions thanks to EasyShift[+]
+ 7 programmable buttons + scroll wheel
+ Tracking and Distance Control Unit
+ Low friction mouse feet really work well
+ Excellent build quality
+ Omron switches for long life and durability
+ Sleek design


- Drivers not included - Must be downloaded from Roccat website
- Macro creation is over complicated
- No 4D scroll wheel


  • Performance: 9.50
  • Appearance: 9.25
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 8.75
  • Value: 9.50

Final Score: 9.20 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

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# RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseJoe 2012-11-25 15:11
no mats !?!? what are you gaming, pinball?
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# RE: RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-11-25 15:28
Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say.
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# RE: RE: RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseIain 2012-11-30 03:30
He's saying you don't move your mouse very much! :-)

I sort of agree about mouse mats. You don't really need one these days. I never use one at work, but the mouse feet get dirtier quicker without one and that certainly affects performance. For me, the sooner the mouse glides the better it is. I actually have this mouse and it flies over my roccat mat like hot buttered butter.

I agree with a lot of the review. The pure is perhaps a little on the small side for me but the design certainly does bridge the gap between claw and palm. The build quality is certainly excellent and the performance is on a par with the brilliant Sensei.
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# RE: RE: RE: RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming Mousemeandertal 2013-02-05 10:32
Unless you game on a concrete slab...
Nope marble... Lol Salvage recovered and repurposed fireplace mantle piece. Works a charm no pad required, I concur.
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# ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseBig J 2012-11-27 14:32
When & Where can we BUY the MOUSE In (Usa EtA)!! Please Been waiting for ever to BUY It (Throws Funds at Screen) :) I seen it was sappose to be out in september then i seen that it was sappose to be out at the end of november 2012!! Well its the 27th of november with 3 days to go till end of the month :( Hope its is OUT soon here in the USA wanting to buy it for christmas :)
Report Comment
# RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2012-11-27 14:51
Hi Big J.

We are still awaiting this information from ROCCAT ourselves, as soon as we know we will update this article and post a reply here. There are places online that are selling these, but at well over the MSRP so hold out if you can.
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# ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseBig J 2012-11-27 15:13
OKies KOOls Thx for all the info & keep up all the good work U Guys ROCK!!!
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# RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseSkidmarks 2013-02-05 10:31
For me personally this is the best mouse I've ever used & I've used 100's literally of all different makes & models. It would be wise to buy a spare because I never want to change this mouse.
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# RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseSheoVhan 2013-02-15 05:58
can you change the led into white color for this mouse? cause if it can then i'm gonna buy it.
Report Comment
# RE: RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2013-02-15 09:46
Unfortunately not. The only way you will get white is if you change the LED's out.
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# RE: ROCCAT KONE Pure Gaming MouseIain 2013-02-15 06:28
Here's a long-term review of the Roccat Pure.

I've been using this mouse in the UK for a few months now. I've generally used it as my laptop mouse for work (CGI, Photoshop etc), and sometimes for gaming.

The build quality of the mouse really is superb. One of the best quality mice I've owned in fact. The lighting scheme is also extremely impressive. The Cat logo looks as if it's made from reflective foil rather than an LED. It looks great in any colour too.

Performance-wise, the mouse is good. Roccat do great mice and this matches the performance of their best. I used a Kone for two years as my main mouse and had zero complaints about it.

So why not use it as my main gaming mouse? It's too small for a start. If you're a child or growing teenager or you have small hands, then it will probably be okay. If you're a medium-sized adult male, then I'd say this mouse is too small for a main devise. It's great as a travel mouse, but you'll find your fingers making a lot of contact with the tabletop. If you game of a hard surface, that'll get cold quickly.

The other problem with the Pure is that while it's performance is good, it's nothing special and certainly not a patch on the Steelseries Sensei's performance. I undertook a series of tests over a few months with different gaming mice. The Sensei quickly became the benchmark mouse. The mice that came closest to it in terms of performance were the Q-Pad gaming mice, (especially the red L.E edition) and the standard Roccat Kone. The Pure lost out because of it's small size and the fact that (like all other gaming mice except the Sensei), you have to manually increase/reduce the sensitivity. The Sensei has the ability to recognize careful aiming and automatically adjust the DPI on the fly. If you're serious about Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3 (or my favourite, Red Orchestra 2), then the Sensei will genuinely increase the quality of your performance. In numerous side by side tests with 6 other gaming mice, the Sensei consistently notched up higher kill counts.

The Pure is a really nice mouse with great build quality, but the small size could be a real problem, and it won't improve your gaming over your current mouse.
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# Lain^Tim 2013-02-26 23:00
Lain, how did the sensei match up to the death adder? it seems you've done what I am in the process of doing, finding the best mouse you can, and after a g700, rat 7 mmo7, and a Razer naga the death adder is just simply better, I just wish it had more buttons. I'd really like to know if the sensei was better in your opinion than the death adder, and why.
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# How to change the lights color of the mousLars 2013-04-28 06:05
I just bought it today there is an app for it to change the color lightings right?But i dont know how to change it,where do i download it
Report Comment
# RE: How to change the lights color of the mousSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2013-04-28 06:23
Visit the Roccat website @

Download the driver, install and run, and you will be good to go.
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