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Written by David Macpherson   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
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Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Video Game
Guild Wars 2 Character Creation
GW2 Questing and Map Completion
Guild Wars 2 Conclusion

Guild Wars 2 Conclusion

With Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, ArenaNet has delivered a game that promises to deliver for some time to come. The added value that the Digital Deluxe Edition brings is mostly worth the extra cost, particularly if you're in a smaller guild. The miniature pet is also rather cute.

Guild Wars 2 performs exceptionally well on most modern hardware - from a modern Core i3 all the way to a higher end Xeon hexacore system. It takes full advantage of higher end video cards without making gameplay impossible on cheaper cards, such as those found in most laptops. That said, the graphics are fresh and realistic at almost all levels of detail.

Guild Wars 2 continues to evolve, even as we play - frequently, new builds are released during live gameplay, which typically include new worldwide events. If you are a dedicated gamer, Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe edition will serve you well with added Glory and Influence. We look forward to seeing you in Tyria!

Guild Wars 2 is available in standard boxed edition: $47.77, or digital deluxe edition: $79.99.



+ Includes a Tome of Influence that gives your guild a one-time boost of influence, allowing them to progress faster.
+ A unique skill that allows you to summon a Mistfire Wolf.
+ A one-time boost to your Glory, the currency used to purchase PvP related items.
+ A miniature pet, a tiny replica of Rytlock Brimstone.
+ A Golem Banker, or five days temporary access to your bank from anywhere in the world.


- With the Digital Deluxe Edition, you're downloading the entire game, versus loading portions of it from disc. It will take you slightly longer to get into the game with this edition.

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