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Written by David Macpherson   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
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Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Video Game
Guild Wars 2 Character Creation
GW2 Questing and Map Completion
Guild Wars 2 Conclusion

GW2 Questing and Map Completion

The questing system in Guild Wars 2 feels much the same as before. You're sent emails from various NPCs asking for help, you then track them out and complete their tasks for various rewards like gold, items or karma. As you proceed through an area, there are various events that will pop up, prodding you to complete tasks like assisting to kill a certain monster, or protecting workers as they rebuild a bridge.


Also new to Guild Wars 2 is a very lucrative map completion system. By finding every location and completing various tasks on any given map, you're given experience commensurate to your level. Once you find and complete every facet of a map, you're awarded a chest with contents that match the level of the map that you're on. For instance, clearing a level 1-10 map will give you basic crafting materials and potentially an item in the same level range.


A portion of the map completion goal includes completing tasks that center on NPC quest givers. It's not actually necessary to speak to the NPC before you begin the task, simply entering the area will pop up a pane with the tasks that you need to complete. Once you complete these, you're given a moderate amount of experience and another point towards completing the map.


With such a dynamic questing system in place, Guild Wars 2 will offer many hours of entertainment. The game developers are actively pushing new content into the game and improving the existing content. Look for Guild Wars 2 to be a major contender in the MMORPG race.


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