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Written by Ami Young   
Wednesday, 05 December 2012
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Oblanc NC2-1 UFO Headphones OG-AUD63042
Closer Look: Oblanc NC2-1 UFO Headphones
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Headphones Final Thoughts

When picking out a set of headphones, there are many different factors that play into the ultimate decision of acquiring a set of headphones. Gamers and audio enthusiasts alike are very picky people, and that can make it difficult to make audio equipment for those types of consumers. Although they do not demand multitudes of features, they do demand high quality hardware. The Oblanc NC2-1 UFO Headphones definitely provide in the quality part. Although they do fit a little snug for my comfort level, they provide excellent sound quality, and are adequate at switching between phones/hand held devices and computers. It does take some fiddling to get your microphone just right, but it's worth it for the sound quality from these headphones. They look cool, and can pass for normal headphones when outside of the house. I did notice some pinching, but overall I really enjoyed these headphones.


Oblanc NC2-1 UFO Conclusion

IMPORTANT: Although the rating and final score mentioned in this conclusion are made to be as objective as possible, please be advised that every author perceives these factors differently at various points in time. While we each do our best to ensure that all aspects of the product are considered, there are often times unforeseen market conditions and manufacturer changes which occur after publication that could render our rating obsolete. Please do not base any purchase solely on our conclusion, as it represents our product rating specifically for the product tested which may differ from future versions. Benchmark Reviews begins our conclusion with a short summary for each of the areas that we rate.

Headphone performance is a multi-faceted topic, as there are many different aspects to performance in audio devices. Sound quality from these is good, the microphones works, and they fulfill many different roles. All in all, these headphones are good at what they do, and provide a high-quality audio experience.

Appearance is a difficult thing to grade, as everyone has different preferences when it comes to hardware appearance. These headphones definitely have a cool factor to them. The high-gloss finish and round ear pads definitely are reminiscent of a UFO. These headphones do definitely break from the recent tradition of boxy headsets, and just look almost futuristic. They have a solid construction, and they feel like they could hold up to some abuse. The cord is unwrapped, however, and I do feel like this could cause it to wear out sooner.

For functionality they can't be beat, however, with their ability to go from a smartphone to your computer without needing to buy multiple headsets, and all of that for a price that cannot be beat.

As of February 2013 the Oblanc NC2-1 UFO headphones were priced for $79.99 at Newegg. The sound quality these headphones produce seem to justify the higher price tag.

I would definitely recommend these headphones to gamers and audio enthusiast that want one headset to serve multiple purposes, or just an all around good pair of headphones.


+ Solid Construction
+ Good Audio Quality
+ Low Price
+ Very Functional
+ Cross-Platform Use


- A little tight to wear
- Unwrapped Cable


  • Performance: 9.00
  • Appearance: 8.50
  • Construction: 8.00
  • Functionality: 9.00
  • Value: 7.00

Final Score: 8.3 out of 10.

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# Good ValueBruce 2012-12-09 19:36
Definitely sound like good value.... Was your phone able to drive them well, IOW, did they sound the same on your phone as they did when driven from a PC? Thanks.
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