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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 05 November 2007
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Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS
Closer Look: DH101 Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: DH101 Interior
Detailed Interior Features
VF7001BNS HTPC Installation
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: DH101 Interior

In this section I will take a good look at the inner-features which make the VF7001BNS into the functionally fashionable HTPC case that it is. Just from the initial images, you can see that there is a lot more under the hood than just more sheet-metal.

But the sheet-metal is still important. Nobody wants a case that bends and flexes like a Slinky, which is why Themaltake engineers have used several different methods to ensure structural rigidity.

Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS

Notice from the images above and below that Thermaltake has utilized a steel rod to span the length of the VF7001BNS. This rod assists in keeping the back panel aligned with the front, and helps reduce flex in the DH101 HTPC case. Since I am not going to be moving my HTPC, with the exception of installation and eventual replacement, I could lighten the load just a bit and remove this rod with two screws.

Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS

The DH101 has two 60mm cooling fans colored Thermaltake orange helping to exhaust heated inner-case air. While the HTPC itself may operate at a cool temperature in most conditions, you must remember that surrounding components, especially the A/V receiver or amplifier, generate tremendous heat and often transfer it to nearby equipment.

Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS

At the front of the case, positioned just behind the LCD display in the bezel, is a single 120mm cooling fan.

In addition to the rod positioned at the lower end of the case, there is also a Strengthening Bridge which Thermaltake has included on the DH101 series to improve the cases structural strength.

Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS

Partially borrowed from the design of rack mount server cases, the VF7001BNS HTPC ATX case may pose a problem for some very tall CPU coolers. But since I have already mentioned that I won't be shuffliing my home theater equipment after every movie, it should be safe for me to remove this bridge. In the next section, I will cover the more refined interior features in greater detail.


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