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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 05 November 2007
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Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS
Closer Look: DH101 Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: DH101 Interior
Detailed Interior Features
VF7001BNS HTPC Installation
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Thermaltake DH101 VF7001BNS

Because of the high definition format war, many in the technology industry have endured an uneasy feeling for the past year. For the better part of 2007, it was anybody's guess at which format would prevail and ascend to be the next home theater standard. While the Blu-Ray Disc and HD-DVD war has seen battle after battle with very little end in sight, there is a sovereign ally in the wings: high definition broadcast.

Not too long ago, Benchmark Reviews featured a Guide: How to shop for your first HDTV in which we revealed that the end of the analog television age was nearing, and HDTV's would be a forced standard in slightly more than one year. We then followed this up with an article on the Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52" 1080P HDTV, where we applied our shopping advice and purchased one of the best and most affordable HDTV's presently produced. Benchmark Reviews even offered an all-inclusive remote control solution with the Logitech Harmony 890 Pro Advanced Universal Remote. But somehow, they all lead to at least one more thing: the Home Theater Personal Computer.

Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS

The HDTV is probably the safest entertainment purchase to be made for the home theater, and since there's no sign of a winner in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war it only makes sense to fall back on HD programming. I actually began my efforts to perfect the home theater with inclusion of HD cable and OTA (over the air) broadcasts. However, when the HD programming was discovered to be thin, I moved on to the satellite-based networks. While the programming improves (and customer service declines proportionately) I found myself with a dilemma: do I indulge in HD movies via DVD or do I wait it out in the bunker with a wide variety of programming? The answer was obvious, and although I would love to correctly guess the next winner in the format war, I don't want to be the guy stuck with a virtual Beta-MAX come 2009.

So it was time for a new task. It was time for me to set my sights on a real solution to manage the trove of HD broadcast programming I was about to receive. It was time to build a serious HDTV, and the best way I knew how was to go big. Thermaltake produces the DH101 HTPC ATX Case (model VF7001BNS), and although it isn't the discrete and dainty little unit I have seen elsewhere, I can actually put some muscle inside this system and make it more than my next DVD-player replacement. After all, where else can you find the room inside an HTPC support HDMI, gaming-strength video, a digital HDTV tuner, and enough drive capacity to store a wealth of completely illegal broadcast reproductions? The answer, and the focus of this article, are both the same: the Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS.

About the company: Thermaltake

Founded in 1999, Thermaltake Technology is the world leader in the supply of thermal management cooling solutions, high-end power supply and chassis for desktop PC and industrial application systems. Building on the strength of its people, products and extensive expertise in Thermal Management, Thermaltake raised the level of excellence on its Award Winning Purepower branded power supply as well as Xaser line of chassis. While mission-critical applications for Enterprises and ultimate video gaming experiences available for gaming enthusiasts all rely on today's cutting-edge PCs to deliver, high-end PC makers relies on Thermaltake to provide the most reliable power supply, the most thermally efficient chassis and cooling solutions.

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. started its core business based on our extensive knowledge of PC thermal management during the era where the area of performance CPU cooling was only exclusive for "overclockers" or PC enthusiasts. With the company's initial launch of Orb coolers, it created waves of shocks and appraisals throughout the gaming and overclocking communities. Thermaltake quickly became the name gamers turn to when they need high-end and reliable thermal solutions.Thermaltake Logo

With company's core business of CPU cooling still growing at a vast rate, Thermaltake made another grand entry to the PC chassis industry. To date, Thermaltake has always been considered as the pioneering company that revolutionized the PC chassis industry with Xaser series enclosures. The typical and traditional beige and plastic front panel design was outdone by Xaser series chassis's atypical gaming red and aluminum front panel. It was also the first enclosure available to public with Hardcano unit which provided users full control over computer's thermal management system.

As a leader in Thermal Management, Thermaltake is the trusted supplier to many computer manufacturers providing Intel Validated and AMD Approved CPU coolers for today's high frequency and mainstream CPUs. At the pace of current technological advancement in multimedia application and multi-core processor, Thermal Management will become an evermore challenging task requiring innovative product design and reliable manufacturing process; a task that has made what Thermaltake is now and future.

In 2002, Thermaltake announced the Purepower line of power supply unit for the ever-growing power-hungry PCs. The Purepower PSU series quickly gained recognition with its extensive warranty and high-reliability guaranty. Today, Thermaltake has grown into a world-class company with state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility based in Taiwan along with 60+ engineers and R&D team covering each application segment such as Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, PC Enclosure and Power Supply for main-stream users, high-end solutions, system integrators and industrial applications; thus achieve Thermaltake 's company motto, " COOLall YOUR LIFE "!

Thermaltake DH101 HTPC ATX Case VF7001BNS

DH101 Features

  • Piano mirror coating with aluminum front panel design
  • Built-in Media LAB LCD with hot keys module (Windows Vista Ready)
    • LCD capable of display any language
    • 10 functional hot key buttons
    • Volume Control Knob and remote control
  • Compatible with Windows VISTA, MCE remote and keyboard
  • High efficiency ventilation:12cm silent fan in front & dual 6cm fan in rear
  • Supports ATX form factor & mATX form factor
  • Supports ATX PS2 power supply

VF7001BNS Specifications

Thermaltake has introduced the new digital Home Theater PC Chassis, the DH (Digital Home) series. Designed with the latest multimedia module and high quality piano mirror coating front panel, the new Digital Home series shines with elegance and charm!

There are total of four models to choose from the new Digital Home Series; DH101 was designed with the latest LCD Display that not only supports multiple languages, but also allows different display selections with its blue glowing background. DH 102 on the other hand, comes with the aluminum piano mirror coating and the hottest 7 inch Touch Screen front LCD display bringing all the media function controls easy and fast at user's fingertips.

DH101 and DH102 not only comes with high quality external design, but the internal structure and thermal modules further overturned the common impression of limited spacing and ineffective thermal solutions towards home theater PC chassis. The 12cm front fan and the double 6cm rear fan included in the unit saves the chassis from heating concerns. Up to three 3.5" and one 5.25" drive bays is also available for upgrading. The single insert/exit button on the front panel makes disc changing easy for users. DH Series HTPC's are the high quality chassis with delicate body structure and thoughtful internal space designs.

Model VF7001BNS
Case Type Home Theater Media PC
Dimension (W*D*H ) 426.5 x 435 x 153.5 mm / 16.8 x 17.1 x 6.0 inch
Media kits Built-in Media LAB LCD with 10 buttons hot keys module
Chassis Material Panel : Al / Body :SECC
Color Black
Cooling System - Front : 120mm fan x 1, 1500rpm
- Rear : 60mm fan x 2, 1800rpm
Motherboard ATX & Micro ATX form factor
Drive Bays External 5.25" x 1
Internal - 3.5" x 3
Front I/O USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE 1394 Firewire, HD-Audio
Expansion Slots 7
Weights 7.5 kg / 16.53lb


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