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Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD Smartphone
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Pervasive computing has taken over as the dominant technology market for consumers. Users who want to stay productive, or merely connected while away from their desk, have found the Smartphone to be a mobile workhorse. Today, Benchmark Reviews brings you a hands-on review of Motorola's top-line device, the DROID RAZR MAXX HD. Both the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD have a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 4.7″ 720p HD Super AMOLED display. The RAZR HD has a 2530 mAh battery, and the RAZR MAXX HD has 3300mAh of go juice inside. This is not an all-day battery; this is a 2-3 day battery, depending on your usage pattern. Let's take a closer look at Motorola's latest flagship phone.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone SPH-L710
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Desktop and notebook computers are slowing being dominated by the smartphone, a portable yet capable electronic device that grows more powerful with each new generation. For users who want to stay productive, or merely connected while away from their desk, the smartphone is proving to be a mobile workhorse. Samsung is a master of portable consumer devices, and a pioneer in the smartphone industry. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the Samsung Galaxy S III (model GT-I9300), an ultra-powerful smartphone with 4.8" HD Super AMOLED screen and Google Android 4.1.2 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.


BlueAnt Commute Handsfree Car Kit CMT-USEN
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BlueAnt Wireless is well known for their Bluetooth-connected headsets, such as the high-quality BlueAnt Q2 and the durable BlueAnt T1 series. Bluetooth headsets are great solutions for cellular telephone calls, but can become uncomfortable to wear and lack voice-activated control over calls and text messaging. The BlueAnt Commute CMT-USEN voice-activated handsfree car kit delivers complete voice command interaction with your SmartPhone, and includes all the great technology that delivers clear communication in their premium headsets. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the BlueAnt Commute under several conditions, comparing the features and benefits over other handsfree options.


Accell USB Micro-B MHL to HDMI Smartphone Adapter
Featured Reviews: Phones | Handheld

The personal computer continuously evolves, enabling technology to change the way we interact with one another. Laptop computers used to be a thing of the future, until they surpassed desktop computer systems to become the industry standard. Similarly, cellular telephones have progressed beyond a simple communication tool into the convenient SmartPhone devices we enjoy today. It won't be long before the SmartPhone (or UltraPhone if you're bleeding edge) becomes the standard, and various consumer electronic devices find themselves obsolete. In this Product Spotlight article, Benchmark Reviews examines the Accell USB Micro-B MHL to HDMI Adapter, a device the connects Smartphones and Tablets to any HDMI projector, monitor, or HDTV.


HTC EVO 4G Android SmartPhone
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Many companies are clamoring to compete with AT&T's Apple iPhone 4. Verizon has the Blackberry, and Sprint's answer is the HTC EVO 4G Andoid Smartphone which uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Can Sprints' EVO compete to win customers over from the Blackberry and iPhone market? Benchmark Reviews will take a look at how things compare and see if this could be the phone for you... especially if you are a Sprint mobile customer and are looking to upgrade.

Camangi WebStation WS-171 Android Tablet PC
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The Camangi WebStation is a compact tablet Wi-Fi or 3G-connected PC that utilizes the Google Android Operating System. Similar to the Apple iPad, the Camangi WebStation adds all of the features an Android smartphone offers and combines them with tablet size and functionality. Weighing a mere 13 ounces, the Camangi WebStation tablet can double as an eBook reader with the installed Aldiko or Google Books applications. Internet phone calls can be made using Fring, and the 3G Wizard adds connectivity when Wi-Fi is unavailable. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC in a combination of everyday uses to see how well it can replace other compact computer devices.


BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
Featured Reviews: Phones | Handheld

Cell phone laws are rapidly becoming more and more restrictive. At the time of this writing, 36 states have some sort of cell phone restriction while using a motor vehicle. This up from 24 states just a year ago. The hands-free revolution is well under way. Some people even wear a bluetooth headset practically from the time they wake up in the morning. For those of us less fashionable than they are, handsfree kits are more our style. We are constantly looking for the best in quality, versatility, and function for our inevitable daily phone use. Enter the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Handsfree Kit. Released last year, this device was an upgraded version of their hit Supertooth Light kit. Benchmark Reviews has tested the Supertooth 3 extensively over the past few weeks to see if it can meet the needs of the cell phone users, both casual and talkative.


Honeywell Airlite 900 Bluetooth Speakerphone
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These days it seems that cellular telephones are as commonplace as Starbucks, and motorists are communicating while behind the wheel. It shouldn't come as a surprise that twenty-four states currently enforce restrictions on cell phone use while driving. This is where the hands-free market has exploded, with numerous Bluetooth headsets making it to store shelves. In this article, Benchmark Reviews takes the opportunity to test drive the Airlite 900 Bluetooth speakerphone accessory by Honeywell.


SOYO ST-SYLA04 FreeStyler 600 BlueTooth Mono Headset
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Everyday I see more people talking on cell phones with wireless hands-free devices, but the days of having a wire attached to your phone to have a hands free conversation are almost gone. Now Bluetooth headsets are the choice of many for hands-free solutions, as a matter of fact I can’t remember the last time I saw someone with a wire attached to their cell phone. Most people have retired their wires and now just talk on their phones or use Bluetooth headsets. Introducing the FreeStyler 600 Bluetooth V2.0 headset, SOYO has made a product that is easy to use and is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Currently, the majority of newer cell phones are equipped to handle Bluetooth devices, making Bluetooth hands-free headsets an option for most. In this review, SOYO’s Freestyle 600 headset is examined.

Soyo ST-SYLA04 FreeStyler 600 BlueTooth Mono Headset

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