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Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller
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Fractal Design brings simplicity and style together with the Adjust 108 fan controller. This accessory has a beautiful brushed aluminum face and 6 individual slider controls. Each fan channel can power up to 36 watts of enthusiast level performance. The only component of a pc that creates any substantial noise at full capacity is the fans, and eventually it becomes the next thing on the list to find a solution for. Benchmark Reviews will examine the Adjust 108 model FD-FC-ADJ-108-BL for quality, performance, and how capable it is of toning down the white noise from fans during the times when its least desired or needed.


Rosewill RSL-113 Solar Infrared Dual-LED Lights
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Benchmark Reviews tests a lot of computer-related hardware, so this item might seem out of place. Performance enthusiasts invest in their gear, so it makes sense to ensure it's safe and protected. The Rosewill RSL-113 Dual-Head PIR Solar Light is a (passive) pyroelectric infra-red activated lighting system that draws power from three AA solar-charged batteries located inside the unit. In this article, Benchmark Reviews investigates the Rosewill RSL-113 Solar-Charged Infrared Dual-LED Lights.


Arctic USB Charger PRO 4 Rev.2
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USB has made it convenient to charge mobile devices, since most people also have access to a computer with an available port. But as the devices add up, those ports become scarce. This is ideal during extended travel, when battery power for items like the Apple iPad or iPhone runs low after a movie. Keeping fully charged is a challenge while traveling, since most people leave their bulky systems at home. This is where a portable USB charge adapter comes in very handy. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the travel-sized Arctic USB Charger PRO 4 Rev 2, model PSAEQ-AC01301-BL.


Arctic Dual USB Car Charger
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People love their portable electronics, and can't get escape without their phone, tablet, and digital multimedia devices in tow. We take our ebook readers with us everywhere, carry a Bluetooth wireless headset for calls on the road, and occasionally find time to take pictures with the digital camera. All of these devices require power, and when you're away from home it's hard to keep batteries charged during long trips or after prolonged use. Every vehicle has a 12V cigarette lighter receptacle, but most lack USB power outlets. Arctic Cooling offers the Dual USB Car Charger (model PSAEQ-AC01901-BL) to keep your devices working while on the road, with two USB ports and the ability to fast-charge at up to 2.1 amps of power.


Silverstone FP37 SDXC USB 3.0 Front Bay Card Reader
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A media card reader can be a convenient device when it comes to transferring information between cameras, video cameras and a desktop computer. Media card readers based on USB 3.0 should take advantage of the higher interface bandwidth to allow much faster file transfer. In this article, Benchmark Reviews looks at the Silverstone FP37 USB 3.0 front bay media card reader to find out just what kind of features and performance can be expected from this newer generation of media card reader.

Silverstone FP37B USB3.0 SDXC Cardreader

SteelSeries Desmo Digital Eyewear
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For those of us in the field of technology eyestrain is a constant threat to our ability to work. Whether it is headaches, dry eyes, or just general discomfort, eyestrain is the bane of tech people everywhere. Further exacerbating the problem, the same people who work on computers all day may enjoy relaxing by playing games on computers also. Here to help combat eyestrain is SteelSeries with its DESMO line of digital eyewear co-created with Gunnar to help reduce eye fatigue. During the length of this article, Benchmark Reviews will evaluate the SteelSeries DESMO and their effect on eyestrain and fatigue.


SilverStone SST-EC03 USB 3.0 PCI-E Card
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Getting access to the gigabytes of data on your external storage devices is excruciatingly slow as it trickles thru the USB 2.0 port, or at least, that's how it feels these days. USB 2.0 just can't get the job done fast enough. USB 3.0 at least for now is the answer for our external access speed requirements. The EC03 card from SilverStone installs into a single lane PCI-E gen 2.0 slot and gives you two internal USB 3.0 ports. So how fast is it? Benchmark Reviews takes the EC03 thru the paces, let's take a look.


Mythbusters DVD: Treats for Techies
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Are you a techie or geek who has every gadget conceivable but still searches for downtime entertainment? Have you been searching for gifts for dad with no luck? Or perhaps you are looking to find that special techie or geek in your life the perfect gift they'll love. I've got the ideal product for you: Mythbusters Season 7 on DVD! It's the show on Discovery Channel made by geeks for geeks, and its got everything they'll want.


NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller
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Have you ever turned your computer off, and noticed suddenly, just how quiet the room became? It is pretty amazing how loud those fans are when you compare their humming to pure silence. Many cases these days are built with silence in mind, but some are not designed to attenuate the noise. And, in some cases, the enthusiast, has purposely placed additional fans inside the case in order to wring out every last ounce of air overclocking they can get. But eventually, the incessant whine of the fans begins to bother, yes, even annoy. It is at that point, when having a fan controller becomes particularly useful. NZXT has released the Sentry Mix Fan Controller.


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